How to Find Quality Surveyors

Expenditure Consultant – Project – Maintenance – Operations The MM Association’s range of expertise includes strategic planning, estimating, spending, time, and risk management for construction projects. We conduct quantity surveys, tender and contract management, contract administration, progress, and productivity measurement, conflict avoidance, mitigation, and resolution services across various fields. With offices in Cockburn and Banbury, […]

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How to Calculate Bathroom Tiles required for Installation

If you plan on repairing the bathroom and choosing ceramic tile as the finish, you need to know how much material you need. Otherwise, you may spend more, when you urgently need to buy more tiles, but it may no longer be for sale, or you may simply be paying too much for extra material. […]

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Guide to Plumbing Business in 2020

In this modern age, you may have met many contractors looking for new ways to expand their primary business, and plumbing business is no exception here. If you are a contractor working in the plumbing business, ask yourself these questions: “How can I increase my market visibility online? Generate more leads and enhance the SEO […]

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