How Much Will my Roof Constructions Cost

Most of the questions asked about roof structures are about 90% of the time about the price. Think of questions such as:

  • What are the costs?
  • How expensive is a roof structure?
  • What are the normal prices?
  • Does a roof structure cost a lot?
  • Do you also install roof structures in Perth?
  • Do you also have a constructor for a construction calculation?


Of course, a superstructure on your roof is not cheap, but in our opinion having a roof superstructure installed does not have to be expensive. The average prices of building an existing roof also vary greatly.

That is why we believe you are entitled to a fair price-quality ratio. Read here all the price information you need to know in advance before making a choice to increase the roof of your home.


Request a quote on how and why….?

We understand better than anyone that it is extremely important to know what a new roof structure with or without ridge elevation will cost. Roof structures, in general, are not cheap! The average prices are between 15,000 and 50,000 dollars.

Do you want to know approximately what it costs to have a superstructure installed on your roof by a contractor company? Then you will find all this price information on this page or on the rest of our website. It is, therefore, not necessary to immediately request a quote !!

Are you seriously interested, and would you like the contractor to visit you to discuss all the professional standards of the construction? Then we refer you to fill in the quotation form as extensively as possible.

The above prices are an average price for a body with or without ridge increase, the exact final price, of course, depends on several factors.


The above price is the price of a roof structure made of wood. Wood is the most economical way to make this construction that adds an extra floor.

You can also opt for a stone structure, but that has a number of complications. Stone is heavier, so the floors under the superstructure are heavily loaded. This may mean that additional reinforcement will be required. In addition, the stone is also more expensive than wood.

An advantage of stone construction is that, in most cases, it fits better with the current construction. Let’s talk about a roof structure. If you are looking for dormer costs, look at the page:  the cost of a dormer.


Roof construction with a flat roof

A flat roof is, of course, ideal for drawing up a roof structure since the entire surface of the flat roof can be used for building.

A roof structure with a flat roof is often a custom prefabricated roof structure that is prematurely manufactured in the factory.

After building this, it can be hoisted in parts on your roof and so you are often wind and watertight within a day. In this way, the total construction only needs to take up to 3 days. Also, read the page ridge increase for a very economical solution.

A good example of a flat roof on which a superstructure is often placed in a garage. Because many garages are attached to a house, the first floor can often be extended with a roof structure on the garage.


Roof construction flat roof costs

The square meters die (m 2) of a roof structure determine the roof construction costs. You can assume that square meter costs, on average, about 1200 dollars. So, if you want to have a roof constructed 10 m 2 built, it will cost approximately $12,000, and if you want the construction of 20 m2, it will cost approximately $24,000. And you can imagine that a roof structure of 15 m2 is exactly in between.

The finish of the roof structure on the outside and inside is also decisive. The more luxurious the materials you choose, the more expensive the entire construction will cost. One way to save on this is to do the finishing (in whole or in part) yourself. Consider, for example, laying the floor and painting the walls.

The costs for roof construction on a garage are basically the same as the aforementioned prices. A requirement of this is that the foundation of the garage is strong enough to support another floor.


Finishing the roof structure

You have total control over the roof construction costs for the finish. This applies to the inside but also the outside of the superstructure. The finish has a major influence on the prices of a roof structure.

You can, of course, opt for extra skylights or an expensive wooden floor, but on the other hand, you can also opt for a cheaper laminate floor. The costs of finishing the exterior of the superstructure are also variable. There are beautiful but expensive stone strips. There is also beautiful siding, which is a lot cheaper.

If you want to save on costs, it is possible to have the bodywork delivered. When you choose a hull finish, the roof structure is not finished, which of course, saves costs. You will then have to take care of the finishing yourself.


An extra floor is worth it…

In most cases, an extra floor on your home ensures that the home is simply expanded by half or 1/3. After all, the surface of the superstructure is, in most cases, just as large as the underlying floors.

The reason is often chosen is that no space of the garden has to be used. Another opportunity is, of course, that there is no garden available to make a possible extension. In addition, the price for an extra floor on your home is, in most cases, not too bad.


Need a permit or not?

When installing a roof structure on your garage or roof of your house, in most cases, you need to apply for a permit. Obtaining the permit partly depends on the following points;

  •         The homes in the neighborhood
  •         The neighbors
  •         The municipality
  •         Privacy for the neighbors, think of any view.
  •         Roof-mounted garage (for a hobby room or extra bedroom)


Calculate roof construction costs

If you want to know exactly what the costs for your roof construction will amount, it is wise to have a quote drawn up.

When you request a quote from us, we will schedule an appointment to view the situation on location. Then remember that we want to see how the house is built, how strong the house is built, what possibilities we see for installing a roof structure. We will, of course, also ask what your wishes are for the extra floor to be built.

With this information, we can calculate the exact costs. When we have done that, we will neatly send you a quote with all costs neatly specified.

To keep the roof construction costs as low as possible, it is wise to have this done by 1 company, then you can probably provide a total amount for the various activities. What is, of course, even cheaper, is to do the finish yourself.


Quality is just as important as costs.

Choose not only on the basis of a price that a company offers but above all choose quality. A cheap roof structure can easily become an expensive structure if it is not of good quality.

You can look up references on the Internet about many companies. You can even ask if you can look at a project that the contractor carried out in the past.

In this way, the chance of making a wrong decision is smaller, because you can only spend your money once.

Have the roof structure installed

We at the contractor giant offer the best quality and can, of course, prove that. All our employees are qualified, and we employ construction technicians who calculate in advance whether the roof structure is safe and good and can be mounted on a flat roof.

Now it has become clear what building roof construction costs. The advantages of a superstructure will also be clear, for example, that an extra floor will be made. And also remember that the possibilities are extensive:

  •         Roof construction with a flat roof
  •         Roof structure with a sloping roof
  •         Roof construction in the style of your home

In addition, our roof construction costs can be called low. Request a non-binding quote from us to cover the roof construction costs for your situation within 1 day.

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