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Site preparation is an extremely important phase since it is necessary to combine the safety of the workers and productivity. Several steps must then be respected, including the establishment of a site installation plan. What is the ICP, and what should it contain? Main points required for the site installation plan.

Presentation of the site installation plan

What is PIC?

The Site Installation Plan (SIP) is written by the contractor or the client. This document, which is as important as the site contract, lists all the fixed equipment that will be necessary to carry out the work and to welcome those working on site.


Generally, the ground plan is used as a basis for the work.

What is the purpose of the site installation plan?

The installation plan is a necessary precondition for the start of the work. It enables the obligatory administrative authorizations to be obtained to install the site in accordance with the regulations in force in terms of safety and hygiene. It also allows you to obtain the authorizations to install cranes and other machines flying over the public space.

In addition to obtaining the administrative authorizations, the PIC makes it possible to organize the various zones of the building site and to optimize the space while ensuring the safety of the participants.
By defining the location of each material, machine, living space, and waste management, it enables the site to be arranged correctly in order to optimize the movements of professionals.

Consequently, the PIC is a valuable tool to ensure the smooth progress of the work. It allows us to gain in productivity and thus to avoid delivery delays and possible over-costs.

What information should the site installation plan contain?

Before starting to draw up the ICP, it is necessary to go to the site of the construction site in order to analyze the environment. Reading the various documents (CCTP and CCAP) completes the information already collected on site.

To be complete, the site installation plan must include :

  • the background plan which reflects the topography of the land and represents the future construction;
  • the lifting means that are going to be used. They must not only be listed but also be arranged on the plan to ensure that there will be no interference between the different devices;
  • the base of life that will welcome the speakers of the different building companies. It is, therefore, necessary to have been able to determine beforehand the maximum number of people present on the building site. Ideally, this zone is installed near the entrance of the building site. Its access must be secured;
  • Site networks such as electricity, water, gas, or telecom networks must be identified to avoid damage during the work. In some cases, authorizations must be requested from the network operators.

In addition, the ICP must indicate the storage areas as well as the areas dedicated to prefabrication or scrapping. The concreting station and the locations of the rubble bins must also be indicated. The same applies to fences and fences, natural obstacles, or site signs.

The construction site installation plan contains a great deal of information on the location of the construction site. It is useful both to ensure the safety of those involved and to improve productivity or meet regulatory requirements. However, while it should be as complete as possible, care must be taken to ensure that it remains legible. The use of industrial design software is recommended.

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