How to Export Zimbra TGZ Folder to Office 365 Account?

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Are you having multiple TGZ files on your system that you want to export into Outlook? Looking for an approach that could help you to export the Zimbra TGZ folder to Outlook? If yes, then no worries. Keep reading the following section because here we have mentioned a method that is secure and able to successfully help to export the Zimbra TGZ folder to Outlook in an effortless way. However, one can opt for Zimbra Connector for Outlook. Still, the process will be lengthy and non-technical users can even face difficulty when they try to synchronize Zimbra data with Outlook using the specified add-on. So, without wasting more time, let us understand the straightforward procedure which will safely export the Zimbra TGZ folder to Outlook effortlessly.

Zimbra is a popular and widely used platform known as Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Most of the users make use of collaborative software for managing large databases. It includes an email server and a web client. Its first release was in 2005; later, in 2007, it was purchased by Yahoo! and sold to VMware in 2010. After this, Zimbra was again sold to Telligent Software by VMware in 2013. And finally, in 2015, it was acquired by Synacor. The software has mainly two components, i.e., client and server.

At one time, Zimbra was offering users the Zimbra Desktop email application. But now, the service has been discontinued, and many users are moving to a different platform. People nowadays prefer cloud services because they offer ample storage space and a friendly environment. Anyone can access their files stored on the cloud from any location at any time. However, there is no harm in changing emailing platforms, and the problem is each email application has a different way of storing files. Here, Zimbra is an email client which allows users to export all the essential items in TGZ format. And several users have individual TGZ files, and after moving to Office 365, they want to export them into the same. Now, they are facing the problem of exporting the Zimbra TGZ folder to Office 365.

How to Export Zimbra TGZ Folder to Office 365?

CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool is a perfect solution for exporting the Zimbra TGZ folder to Office 365. The application is built-up with friendly processing and steps that technical and non-technical users can utilize effortlessly to export the Zimbra TGZ folder to Office 365. The utility is secure and verified. It will take care of the data originality throughout the process. Even the clicks are direct, which users will find easy to operate and use.


Moreover, the application is launched with features that will benefit those who want to export the Zimbra TGZ folder to Office 365 as per requirements. However, the software has a freeware version through which users can test the procedural conversion steps for free.

Working Steps to Export Zimbra TGZ Folder to Office 365

Step 1. Download, launch and run Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool on Windows and choose the first option. Click Next.

Step 2. Add TGZ files of Zimbra by navigating to Add File(s) button. Another window will pop up on the screen. You can choose Add file(s) if you want to add necessary TGZ files on the tool and click on Add Folder if you want to add a folder containing unlimited TGZ files on the software. After this, hit OK.

Step 3. The tool will scan TGZ files and start loading them on the left software pane.

Step 4. You can even use the Preview window if you want to view the data of a specific file before the export into Office 365 environment.

Step 5. Go to the Export button and select Office 365 option from Select Saving Options.

Step 6. Enter your Office 365 email address and click on Connect. After this, the Microsoft login screen will appear, which will be safe for users to enter the password. Provide the necessary details and click on Next. However, as soon as you click on Next, you will see that the tool will connect with Office 365 account and start exporting Zimbra TGZ files to Office 365.

Step 7. The process will end by showing users the confirmation message, i.e., “Process Completed Successfully.” 

Now, you can click OK and go to the specified Office 365 account to check the resultant files. However, if you have clicked Copy to Default Folders option, then the tool will directly save all TGZ files into already existing folders of the Office 365 profile. But, if you have yet to select the option, the tool will create a new folder and store all the resultant files. You can open the necessary email and check the file’s originality. You will see that the content is accurate and that even the font style, images, hyperlinks, etc., appear without alteration.


The blog discussed a direct process to export Zimbra TGZ to Office 365. The CubexSoft Zimbra Converter Tool is simple and user-friendly. Anyone can efficiently utilize the verified tool and successfully export Zimbra TGZ folders to Office 365 in bulk with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items. It allows exporting the first 25 files from each TGZ folder to Office 365 account free of cost. Moreover, the free demo is also available with the help of which users can check the process for free.

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