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Expenditure Consultant – Project – Maintenance – Operations

The MM Association’s range of expertise includes strategic planning, estimating, spending, time, and risk management for construction projects. We conduct quantity surveys, tender and contract management, contract administration, progress, and productivity measurement, conflict avoidance, mitigation, and resolution services across various fields.

With offices in Cockburn and Banbury, we are ideally located anywhere in the Perth, WA region, to work on your project. We ensure your budget is appropriate, that you get good value for money and that your planned expenses are not exceeded.

Whether your costs relate to a commercial, residential, mining, oil and gas or infrastructure project, or to any management or maintenance activity, we take full responsibility for cost management.

By doing this, we apply our traditional therapeutic and proven approach – three important elements of successful spending management.

  1. Estimation and Performance – Understanding the resources needed to deliver the desired results.
  • Scooping
  • Guess
  • Schedule
  • Uc Measuring productivity
  1. Tenders and Procurement – Securing at the right price at the required price.
  • Strategy
  • Bring tendering
  • Contract formation
  1. Contract Management – Make sure you pay what you pay.
  • Administrative agreement
  • Ope range change management/capture resource capture
  • Ment payment verification / certificate

All element is described in detail in the relevant section of our website. The MGA method can be described as confident, efficient, and clinical in terms of delivering successful results.

We are an elite performer with 20 years of industry experience in all areas of estimation, collection, construction and contract management, and administration. We succeed in detail, process-oriented, and system-driven.

Our ‘comtech’ philosophy defines the way we work – it is the alignment of technical knowledge with commercial knowledge. MGA’s intelligence is based using our unique and expert qualifications. Coming from two decades of experience and listening carefully to our client’s brief speech combined with our insights, we get the insights needed to ensure a successful outcome.

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