MBBS Without NEET?

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Since the last decade, the Philippines have emerged as a hot prospect for medical aspirants from all over the world. The Philippines is majorly a lower-income economy. However, the country has worked tremendously in the betterment of the education sector. And realized the importance of education for growing the economy of the country.

MBBS is a course that requires utmost dedication from both the students and the teachers. The Philippines lays the perfect platform for the students to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. Its possible by offering many different courses in the universities of the Philippines.

The country has some of the top-rated universities in the world, which are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools by the World Health Organization.

The universities of the Philippines are recognized by several world bodies such as the Medical Council of India, USMLE, etc. At the time of taking admission to the university, the students have a clear goal in their minds that where do they want to practice their medical degree.


However, with time and during the duration of the course, the students can change their minds after knowing about the opportunities in another country or after talking to their friends or for any other reason, and they can only do that if the degree is globally accepted.

The degree obtained from the universities of the Philippines is globally accepted, and the students can practice their medical degree anywhere in the world after completion of the course in the Philippines.

MBBS fees for Indian students in Philippines universities are extremely economical and lower than that of their Indian counterparts.

The Indian students can find a lot of support in the universities of the Philippines as there are already a lot of Indian students who are studying in the universities of the country.

The Indian embassy is always ready to help the Indian citizens in case of any emergency. The duration of the medical course in the Philippines is for 6 years, inclusive of 1 year of internship. To match the curriculum standards set by the Medical Council of India, the universities teach in English.

It is done to ensure that the students who are coming from various parts of the world can study without any problems. Even though English is not the main language in the country, the majority of the citizens understand English, and it becomes very easy for the students to communicate with them.

The faculties in the universities are highly experienced, and the ex-students speak very highly of them.

For all the Indian students, the government has made NEET compulsory to pass, so it is not possible for the students to study mbbs abroad without neet. The universities of the Philippines also require NEET clearance results from the students to give admissions.

The universities of the country have high-quality infrastructural facilities, and the laboratories are equipped with modern equipment. The students can do researches and experiments in the laboratories and learn about using modern tools in the medical field.

The universities also provide the facilities of accommodation to the students so that the students can find themselves comfortable in the university environment with furnished rooms and necessary amenities.

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