Average Cost for Pouring a Concrete Floor

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Would you like to pour a concrete floor in your home and do you want to know what it costs to have it carried out by a floor specialist? Then you are at the right place at Werkspot.


Average costs for installing concrete floor

Are you having a garage, extension, bathroom or kitchen built? Then you also have to think about the floor. An option is to install a concrete floor. After pouring, the concrete floor is suitable for underfloor heating and you can apply different floor coverings. You can leave the concrete floor in sight for a modern look. In that case you can also paint the concrete floor and you must be well informed about the type of concrete floor.

Pouring a concrete floor is a specialist job. You have to be able to process the concrete and then neatly pour it on the floor. In many cases you must also level the concrete floor before you can install the floor covering. If you do not do this properly, you will continue to notice this throughout the life of the floor covering. This also shortens the life of your floor. It is therefore wise to hire a specialist. Moreover, with a professional with years of experience you can count on a perfect finish and a sustainable result of your new floor.


Average costs for pouring a concrete floor

The average costs for laying a concrete floor are between € 50 and € 130 per square meter . This includes material and the working hours of the floorlayer. The total costs can differ per job and therefore it is good to learn about the different possibilities and variable costs before you place a job. This way you avoid surprises and you quickly find the right professional.


How do you determine costs for pouring a concrete floor?

The costs that a floor specialist charges for pouring the concrete floor depend on a number of factors. The size of the job, the type of concrete floor, the surface of the floor, the finish and any special wishes play a role in determining the total price.

Surface and shape of the floor

It goes without saying that the surface of the floor is important for determining the price of your concrete floor. The larger the area, the lower the price per square meter. Installing a concrete floor in a room with many corners and crazy dimensions is more labor-intensive and therefore also more expensive.


To better protect your concrete floor against dirt and damage, have the concrete floor impregnated after pouring. An additional charge of approximately € 8 per square meter applies for this. Would you like to leave the concrete floor in sight after installation, but you don’t like the classic concrete color? Then you can have a color pigment added to the concrete mix. In that case you pay an additional cost for adding a special color. You often pay no extra costs for a standard color. The professional can tell you more about this.

A cheaper option is to paint the concrete floor yourself. You can buy special concrete paint at the well-known hardware stores or at the paint specialist. For painting a concrete floor in the garage or shed it is best to choose two-component concrete paint. This paint also stays beautiful after it comes into contact with petrol or oil and is less likely to wear out. The painting of the concrete floor is done as follows:


  •         Preparing the substrate

Before painting the concrete floor, you must first make the substrate dust and grease free. For the best result, remove old paint layers with a special sander. The professional has these tools at his disposal and can also paint the floor after applying the concrete floor. You can only paint the concrete floor when the concrete floor is completely dry. As a mnemonic, you can maintain that you have a week of drying time per centimeter. After pouring a concrete floor of seven centimeters, it is therefore only completely dry after seven weeks.

  •         Painting concrete floor

You can paint the concrete floor in any color. Your taste and budget are decisive, paint that you have to mix is   often slightly more expensive than ready-made paint. After painting it may take some time before you can fully load the floor. Assume approximately seven days. The professional can tell you which term applies to your floor. He often makes a distinction between the moment you can walk on the floor again (within a few days) and the time when you can fully load the floor (after one to several weeks).

 Type of concrete

If you want a concrete floor, you can choose from different types. You can install a solid concrete floor, but it is also possible to choose a cast floor with a concrete look. This is a solution, for example, if you do not have enough space in your home for the thickness of the concrete floor. You need at least seven centimeters of installation height to install a concrete floor.

  •         Installing

a polished concrete floor For a compacted and shiny concrete surface, choose a polished concrete floor. The screed, floor and finish are all part of the same floor. You often pay more for installing a concrete floor with level differences. This is because the craftsman has to pump up the concrete.

  •         Installing printed concrete or stamped concrete floor

This type of concrete has a print. For example, you can choose concrete with a wood look or the look of natural stone or clinker. Installing this type of concrete floor is a cheaper alternative to wood and natural stone and can be installed in and around your home. This way you can also use it well in your garden if you want the appearance of clinkers, but rather not the weeds.

  •         Cast

floor with a concrete look These floors are thinner than solid concrete floors. You also have to have a separate underlay of wood, tiles, concrete or natural stone with a cast floor.


Advantages of installing a concrete floor?

Are you still unsure whether installing a concrete floor is the best option for your home?


Advantages of installing a concrete floor

Seamless and hygienic result

The application of a concrete floor gives your home a sleek appearance. This is mainly due to the fact that the floor is seamless. Pouring a concrete floor is also positive if you want a hygienic floor: dirt residues barely remain and bacteria have no chance.

Cheaper with large surfaces

Do you have a large house? Then installing a concrete floor can also be financially attractive. With the pouring of a concrete floor you have the subfloor and screed in one. You do not have to purchase and install these floors separately.

Adaptable to your wishes

Which concrete floor you have installed determines the appearance of your home. You can go for an industrial look, but pouring a stamped concrete floor can also give your home a warm appearance. In addition, any color is possible, which you can already determine in the mixing process, but also by painting the concrete floor.

 Disadvantages applying concrete floor

Dish or crack formation after application of concrete floor

It is important that the application of the concrete floor is done accurately . When this happens in too hot weather conditions, the concrete floor can become convex. We also call this dish formation. That is why it is also recommended to wait some time before you switch on the underfloor heating after pouring the concrete floor. Good thickness and reinforcement is also essential when installing the concrete floor. If this is not done accurately, cracks can form in the concrete. Incidentally, some people find this again contributing to the industrial look of the concrete.

Sinking and difference in level

When installing a concrete floor, the corners are the most difficult to fill. This creates height differences, which the professional also calls sinking. In order to prevent the height difference from being visible to the naked eye, it is important that the skilled person has a lot of experience with the application of a concrete floor. On Werkspot you can check this on the profile of the professional, for example, by reading various reviews. However, keep in mind that it is an industrial product and that a concrete floor is never completely 100% flat after pouring. By polishing the concrete well, the professional ensures that you do not see or feel the difference in height.


Have the installation of a concrete floor carried out via Werkspot?

Now that you have an idea of   the average cost, you can determine whether it matches your expectations and budget for installing a concrete floor. Would you like to outsource an assignment to one of the professionals at Werkspot? Post a job for free and without obligation and compare the work of various experts. For example, you can read the reviews of other homeowners to make an informed choice.


Price estimates for recently completed concrete or cement screed applications

To give you an idea of   what our professionals can do for you and how much your job will cost approximately, we have listed a number of recently completed jobs and corresponding prices.

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