How to Increase Website Traffic through Blog Posts

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Blogging is an excellent way to generate traffic to your website. While web pages aim at telling your target audience what you offer, blog posts focus on how your product or service can help them. No matter what your offerings are, blogging is a way to provide visitors with the information they want.

Many of you consider the blogging section a way to keep updating your website to inform search engines that you are active. Still, it should inform visitors of solutions to their problems.

It takes a lot of research to make a blogging strategy. It would be best if you evaluate what your audience is expecting from you and how you can perform better than your competitors. To increase the traffic to your website, you need to publish high-quality content.

One of the prominent questions every content marketer asks how many blog posts it takes to generate traffic. Apart from the quality, you need to focus on quantity too. After all, your visitors are looking forward to hearing from you every day.


Well, it takes time to see the result. It can be weeks, months, and years. Further, it depends on your strategy. How smartly you hit the nail on the head. Blogging strategy does not mean reinventing the wheel by choosing the topics already flooding the internet. It instead means identifying what your users want to know.

Depending on your content strategy, you will schedule publishing blogs. It can be either regularly or alternatively. Even though you publish a blog regularly, you need to consider the following factors to build traffic to your website.


Publishing top-notch content is not enough. Your blog should be integrated within your main website content. It will help build authority with search engines, and people will likely navigate across your website that, in turn, boosts your website traffic. Make sure that you strategically use call-to-action that directs visitors to the specific page of your website.

For instance, if you have published a blog on ideal situations to take out loans without a guarantor, you should integrate the web page of loans without a guarantor instead of bad credit loans. At the end of the blog, you can encourage users to take action by introducing a closing line – apply here if you need money – and link it with the application form.

Consistency is a must

Search engines prefer those websites that publish content regularly. Publishing frequency indicates that you are active. It will help build credibility among your audience. When you publish content regularly, Search engines will crawl your page as soon as you publish it, and then the rank will automatically go up.

Whether you publish your blogs daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, you should stick to the schedule.

If you want to generate organic traffic, you should publish:

  • Small blogs three to four times a week
  • Large blogs four to five times a week (including updated posts)

If you want to build brand awareness, you should publish:

  • Small blogs one to two times a week
  • Large blogs three to four times a week (including updated posts)

Quality is imperative

Your blogs will help you increase traffic to your website if the content is unique and worth reading. It should be thoughtful and helpful to visitors. While creating a blog, you should give priority to quality over quantity provided you are not posting only one blog per month.

Before you build high-quality content, you should identify your buyer persona. Knowing it beforehand will help you tailor content that corroborates with the needs of your visitors. It will help you build a content strategy.

Social media presence is crucial

Even though you publish top-rated content, it is likely to go unread because of a lack of promotion. How would your users get to know you have posted content? It would be best if you promote it on social media. Mention catchy lines to arouse the curiosity of users so that they click on the blog link. Make sure that your subscribers are notified whenever you update or publish a blog.

It is not set in stone that you cannot promote a blog again. If a particular post is accessible, you can reshare it. Do not be limited to only one platform to promote your blog. Let your content float all social media platforms.

Blogging is the most effective way to increase traffic to your website. However, you will have to be consistent with your schedule. Though quality is more important than quantity, you cannot rely on the former as search engines also consider how much active you are.

Organic traffic may take a bit long time to generate with the help of blogging. Make sure that you hold patience. Analyze all factors, including competition, to see how you can grow the website traffic.

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