Trendy Tools for February 2020

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Repetitive use of tools makes the work less interesting, doesn’t it? Designers or Best web designing companies keep looking for new tools that can bring more productive results as well as can make work interesting.  So for this February, we can certainly count on a number of tools that shall bring out the best. People love to work with animation as it attracts the common people, and further animation work gains more interest rather than the same old stuff.

The effects which are drawn by animated texts and gifs are eye-catching experience. Animated art somehow has the ability to form a better opinion as it seems that a lot of hard work has been done; rather, it’s simple as well as interesting. So for this February, we can certainly count on a number of tools that shall bring out the best.


Working with a limited color palette. Sounds monotonous. So when you require a digital palette with color variants. This designing tool shall provide us with a systematic palette and shall even represent new colors to us by giving details about color codes.  The other thing that shall interest you is that it shall give a description of color properties.  So this is a new way to introduce yourself to digital colors.


2. LambdaTest

Want to keep a check on your screen? Then this shall definitely attract you. Maintaining screenshots is the new trend.  So here, this tool, when brought into use, can click screenshots of your website and monitor it as well. The screenshots shall be directly saved into the inbox. Designers can rely on this tool to maintain the health monitoring of websites.

3. SnackThis

One of the tools which are being used highly is Snack. This.  This tool shall be used as a text animator.  Sharing gifs on social media in a snap, creating beautiful animations for video content. It is a tough job to create an eye-catching text when there are presentations or other communications. So animated texts might prove to be beneficial. Not only developers but even in people, in general, can use the tool on social media.

4. Design Password

It definitely becomes difficult to remember passwords. So why don’t we use a tool that shall help us to remember our passwords, and even if we forget our passwords, it shall give us a hint or a clue with a description?  So designers can now rely on a tool that shall manage their passwords.

5. No-Code Coffee

This tool brings an exciting space and interesting people with whom you can work. It is a tool used for bringing in the hope of inspiration, which shall help you with projects and presentations. Every day there shall be an email sent to you, which shall provide you with inspiration for work, exciting space, and interesting people.

6. Dark Light

Dark light shall settle your need of new handwriting style.  This handwriting style has a number of letterforms and basically provides us with a dark theme.  It has characters that are too with alternates.

7. Chocolate Valentine

Bored with the same regular use of fonts.  Chocolate Valentine is a designer tool a fun comic-style font with fat letterforms, which makes you nostalgic about your childhood. It includes all the capital letters and numbers as well as small letters and numbers.

So web designers buck up and get excited to use these tools to make work interesting that shall not make your day monotonous.


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