How to Increase Organic Traffic with a Content Audit

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What is the content audit?

The content audit is a technique that evaluates your existing content for its robustness, gaps, probing how they affect its performance, and knowing opportunities to extend it in the future.

Austin SEO services include the following factors in a content audit:

  • Most successful pages
  • Topics and ideas that reverberate with your audience.
  • Content types or blog posts that require updating, and so on.

Benefits of the content audit


Improved SEO

Content audit exposes the pages that require updating to improve the performance rapidly and which one to remove.

User Engagement Boost

The audit uncovers the pages that give the highest audience engagement. Examine them in-depth for what factors make them so accessible, and how to update the other blog posts to get similar accessibility.

Focus on lower SEO factor

Discover many chances to improve organic search performance. Some pages need just a quick update to the page title or meta description to rank higher. 

A content audit helps you to understand the user’s behavior or the reasons why your marketing strategies are not much effective. Conducting a content audit will help to find issues with your SEO activities so that you can edit the require changes and receive increased traffic.

The strong content audit can drive more organic traffic to your website. Here are important tips that can help you to increase organic traffic. You just need to follow this quick and straight forward content audit.

Create a list of your content.

First of all, you require to know what the content you have in your directory. Make a list of all the URLs and have an organized list of your content. You can do it manually if your website is small and didn’t have too many pages, or you can use tools for a comprehensive list.

Content Classification

After you’ve listed all the URLs now you can track its performance by analyzing the following things:

  • Type of the content
  • Format of the content
  • Word count
  • Publication date 
  • Meta title and meta description
  • Author’s Bio

Goal setting

Look for the web pages that have better potential to rank at the top of the search engine result page. 

  • To improve the SEO result, you should figure out the type of content that gets more interactions so you could use that for other content.
  • To improve conversion rates, you have to look for which page provides the best user experience and which type of content can generate maximum leads.

To understand the SEO performance check for the number of backlinks, keyword volume, and ranking on search engine results.

Data Analysis

You can have a better understanding of the content that performs the best by using various auditing tools. You can estimate how efficient your content will reach your marketing goals.

Various tools allow you to have a detailed view of the file types, metadata, and other necessary information about the page, such as images, documents, videos, etc. There are content audit tools that allow you to analyze user behavior also. 

Content Interpretation

  • If your content is performing well and it is relevant today also then no need to update it. You can even reuse the content according to your content marketing strategy.
  • When your pages aren’t performing well, then review the content and do the edits to improve that.
  • Some pages take a lot of time in updating so rather than editing, simply delete that content from the website. Some articles made for seasonal marketing strategies, and if you don’t have plans to use them again, then delete them is the best option.

Strategy Planning

  • Try to blend various content pieces to create a whole new piece, or you can refresh old articles by adding relevant information to the existing piece. 
  • If any posts aren/’t doing well, then you can rewrite them.
  • Update CTAs is better with relevant offers to reactivate your content marketing that improves conversion rates.

At last, track the results and keep updating your strategies to keep up-to-date with ongoing trends. You can use content tools that track results more efficiently, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

According to the Austin SEO services, keep updating to assure you stay ahead of your competitors. Perform these audits regularly to get more organic traffic to your website.

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