Effect of Social networks and Websites

Effect of Social networks and Websites

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Global, Famous Social Networking Websites

In the old school days, everything was done on paper, and even delivering a message from one place to the other corner of a town was not an easy job. But today, technology has changed the world, so we use our workforce, and we all depend globally on famous social networking websites. All the roots of humanity are now started from Online Social networks. We can communicate in the blink of an eye.

Famous social networking website sites have been in business for decades and have consequently played their role to converge people of all ages and demographic ranges upon a single platform.

There are many benefits associated with the use of such Social websites. There comes the slight feeling of danger as well.

Using Advertising to make Money/h2>

Many famous social networking websites use advertising to boost their income, making money at a per-click rate. These websites run advertising campaigns for the business owners to catch the client wherever he/she is.

Website owners use Famous Social networking and advertising sites to promote their products and services. So these websites are playing a vital role in delivering information to the user.


Aid to Negativity

As we all know, social media is becoming a necessity for every human on the planet. It is performing an incredible job of uniting people worldwide. Also, on the negative side, it serves as a medium for harmful activities without consent, which is not good for humanity. Bad guys use social media to communicate, and in doing so, they run online scams to lure innocent people. They do so through financial campaigns bait on click tactics.

Threat to Privacy

Whenever people sign up or create an account on any small or famous social networking websites, and they agree to the site’s terms of use and conditions. Users upload and share their info in various photos, videos, secret documents, etc., with their close circle of friends and other family members.

During the shameful acts of hacking, the hacker tries to steal the users’ most valuable and personal information. Sometimes these networking sites fail to stop these cybercrimes. Then hackers try to blackmail the victims and often demand ransom for the complete deletion of the stolen data. That’s why Social networking and bullying have become the most alarming situation of the current times.

Effecting Mental Health

As we all know, all electronic devices radiate electromagnetic radiations, which can damage hard any living tissue. Using these devices for long periods starts affecting us mentally and physically. Different symptoms of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders are commonly found in people using these electronic devices for longer than normal hrs. An alarming situation is a depression, which strictly leads in the direction that unsupervised use can take the person to depression and loss of self-esteem.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Mental Health:

  • Global websites and networking services snatch the best interaction people can have.
  • Excessive use can disrupt the memory
  • Loss of sleep
  • Overposting their status on the internet and make them more tired.
  • An addiction before you know it and any kind of addiction are dangerous.
  • It can cause depression and anxiety.
  • People can lose touch with real life.
  • Social media offers a fake escape to people from their daily lives.

Because of all, stop spending your valuable time over the internet or famous social networking websites. And Go outside and face the real world, make some incredible memories of your own to share with your friends.

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