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When it’s an e-commerce website, peak hours of extreme traffic have become quite the norm. With more and more promotional events happening in websites in a time-sensitive manner, the retail reality has reached a new height.

But not every website benefits from these traffic peak hours as often they are left struggling under the heightened traffic pressure.

If you don’t want your website to lose potential customers or the revenues during the traffic peak hours, here are a few ways you can better prepare your website. Let’s take a look at them-

Fix Your E-Commerce Application First


In case there’s an issue with your e-commerce application itself, no matter how much you spend on dealing with the server problems, it won’t help your website.

Therefore, before opting for any investment to boost your websites’ performance during the traffic peak hours, optimize the e-commerce application of your website first.

Improve Your Site’s Performance with Caching

Page caching is a method that helps in improving the loading time of your website pages. Since the loading time of a web page significantly impacts your user experience with your website, caching is considered to be a great option for boosting a website’s performance as well as helping in optimizing the website for the search engines.

In order to ensure smooth user experience during dynamic transactions like the checkouts, make sure to have the page cached for lifting the heavy traffic weight during the traffic peak hours.

Study Your Website Traffic Patterns

Studying and analyzing your website traffic patterns can help you in the long run. It helps you understand your efforts, both passive and active, that lead to traffic surge. Once you know when to expect traffic surge, you’ll be able to deal with it better.

Opt for A CDN Service

The term CDN refers to a content delivery network which is a system of distributed server networks and delivers web content and pages to a website user. When it comes to protecting your website from huge surges in traffic, CDN offers great protection.

Often considered to be an excellent strategic move for dealing with a website’s high traffic, CDN helps in taking off the maximum of the traffic. This keeps your website server load free and free from the chances of crashing or slow performance.

Test Your Site’s Capacity and Performance Regularly

Peak traffic tends to expose the weaknesses of a website if there are any. So it’s really important that you test the performance of your website and its capacity for handling traffic pressure on a regular basis.

Be it staging servers that match the configuration and scale of your own production servers or testing your server limits directly, make sure you test your website’s capabilities to avoid any unlikely scenarios during the peak hours such as server crash.

Or simply opt for professional guidance from an established company offering Website Development Adelaide, to ensure maximum performance of your website.

Following the above-mentioned tips actually makes dealing with the peak website traffic quite easy. Once you ensure these upgrades and investments, your website becomes perfectly capable of handling a heavy volume of traffic at any time.

Are Infographics Beneficial for your Website?

The influence that infographics have on users is tremendous. Research has found that most users are more open to consuming informative and visual content as compared to the content presented in the form of plain text. Here are some key reasons why infographics should be a part of your website’s content marketing strategy –

They are Convincing and Attention-Grabbing

As mentioned before, users love info – particularly figures, numbers, and stats. Infographics are ideal for collecting a lot of information into one easy to read the presentation that’s both pleasant to look at and convincing.

Not only will target audience members value the immaculate format of your info, but they also are more likely to consider brand information found on an infographic more credible.

They Help in Generating More Web Traffic

If an infographic is attractive and convincing, it will certainly drive a lot of traffic to a site. All clicks and shares are essentially more and more users viewing the content, and nowadays, users are more inclined towards sharing visual content.

Infographics can be easily made readable and memorable. Readers have the ability to swiftly scan the manuscript, comprehend the message you are trying to send, and lock it into their memories long after they have left your webpage.

Perfect for SEO Building and Improving Google Rankings

Visual data is a lot worthier of a share as compared to traditional text-based content in the eyes of the average user. The basic characteristics of an infographic are enough to make users click on it, like it, and most importantly, share it, which leads to improved Google indexing for your website.

To know more about how well thought out infographics can help your business, consult the experts at Marketing Sweet. Visit the website to hire some of the best professionals to build you a website or blog that makes the most effective use of infographics.

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