Tips to Increase the Milage on Tesla EV.

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Tesla EVs are known for their impressive range and fuel efficiency. However, there are several ways you can increase the mileage on your Tesla and get the most out of your electric vehicle. In this article, we will provide tips to help you increase the mileage on your Tesla.

  1. Regenerative Braking

One of the most significant advantages of electric vehicles is regenerative braking. Regenerative braking recovers energy that is typically lost during braking and converts it into usable electricity, which can then be used to power the vehicle. Tesla vehicles have regenerative braking, which can significantly increase your vehicle’s mileage. Regenerative braking can be activated by selecting the “Low” setting on the brake pedal or by using the steering wheel paddle.

  1. Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of your Tesla can significantly impact the vehicle’s mileage. Reducing air resistance by improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics can help improve your Tesla’s mileage. You can improve the aerodynamics of your Tesla by using a roof rack, installing a spoiler, or using wheel covers. All these features are available as aftermarket accessories.

  1. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is critical to the performance and efficiency of your Tesla. Low tire pressure can reduce your vehicle’s mileage and also cause premature tire wear. It’s important to check the tire pressure regularly, at least once a month, and maintain the recommended tire pressure as indicated in the vehicle’s manual.

  1. Use Eco Mode

Eco mode is designed to optimize your vehicle’s energy usage and can help you increase your Tesla’s mileage. Eco mode limits the amount of power that the vehicle uses, including the heating and cooling systems, which can help you conserve energy. To activate Eco mode, simply go to the settings menu and select “Eco.”

  1. Use the Tesla App

The Tesla app is a powerful tool that can help you improve your vehicle’s mileage. The app allows you to monitor your vehicle’s energy usage, including real-time data on your Tesla’s battery charge and range. You can also use the app to remotely control your vehicle’s climate control system, which can help you conserve energy.

  1. Avoid High-Speed Driving

Driving at high speeds can significantly impact your Tesla’s mileage. Higher speeds require more energy to maintain, which can drain your vehicle’s battery quickly. To increase your vehicle’s mileage, it’s important to avoid high-speed driving and maintain a consistent speed while driving.

  1. Minimize the Use of Accessories

Accessories such as air conditioning, heating, and stereo systems can drain your Tesla’s battery quickly. To increase your vehicle’s mileage, it’s important to minimize the use of these accessories, especially when you’re driving on long trips. You can use the Eco mode to help limit the use of these accessories.

  1. Charge Your Tesla Regularly

Regular charging is critical to the performance and efficiency of your Tesla. It’s important to keep your vehicle’s battery charged to its maximum capacity to increase your vehicle’s mileage. You can charge your Tesla at home using a Level 2 charging station or at one of the many Tesla Supercharger stations located throughout the country.

  1. Plan Your Route

Planning your route can help you maximize your Tesla’s mileage. By using GPS navigation, you can plan your route to avoid high-speed highways and find the most efficient way to reach your destination. This can help you conserve energy and increase your vehicle’s mileage.

In conclusion, there are several ways to increase the mileage on your Tesla. By following these tips, you can improve the efficiency of your vehicle and get the most out of your electric vehicle. It’s important to maintain your Tesla regularly and use the vehicle’s features, such as regenerative braking and Eco mode, to optimize energy usage. With proper care and attention, you can enjoy the full benefits of your Tesla.

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