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In order to understand about postgraduate and graduate one must know the difference between these two terms post-graduation means people have completed their post-graduation course with a duration of two years remember that post-graduation can only be done after graduation while graduate means people who have a degree in any of the educational streams by completing a graduation course with a duration of four years.

This duration differs from stream to stream. Different universities in different countries offer these degrees for students living there or coming from abroad. Latest Education updates are available here. Below we will briefly discuss these degrees so that students can distinguish between these two easily:


A postgraduate degree is generally a degree in which you study when you have finished your bachelor’s degree. Some postgraduate degrees require the completion of a particular bachelor’s degree, others don’t. As a general rule, u must need to complete a bachelor’s degree in order to start a post-graduate degree. There are four main types of a postgraduate degree course, which include:

  • Taught courses
  • Research degrees
  • Conversion courses
  • Professional qualification
  • Some courses are taught in a commercial environment

These courses differ from each other due to different terms


To continue a career after an undergraduate, a student has to go for a graduate degree. A graduate degree means that the person has completed his 4 years of education in the respective field at a university.

The graduate learning environment is very different from undergraduate. It has been made focused, advanced, and scholarly in nature. The reason for its advancement is that it builds upon undergraduate education. It is focused because it tells about the topic being studied in depth.

Graduate students are asked to apply advance analytical skills and interpretive skills to understand it better so that they can produce better results. The expectations of the students enrolled in different universities may be different; it should be clear that graduate school represents a very different educational environment if we compare it with undergraduate.

The graduate program includes the following major categories:

  • Professional programs
  • Terminal programs
  • Non-terminal programs
  • Thesis based
  • Course based

As compared to undergraduate, there is a great difference between graduate degrees as students face a new experience in a different new environment. Graduate degree in different fields is offered within or outside the country in the various field by which students can continue their career and work as a professional in the respective field of their choice.

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April 10, 2020 2:15 pm

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