3 Hi-Tech Ways to Travel

Hi-Tech Travel

Nowadays, technology and innovation fill our lives. They are literally everywhere – in our apartments, in telephones, in automobiles, and in many other places.

High technology also didn’t bypass the travel industry. Now you can buy a ticket, reserve a room or rent a car on the other side of the world in just a few clicks.

For example, you need a rental car in Dallas Love Field.

For this, you go to 14cars.com, where you can find many offers from leading companies. Then, choose the best rental car in Dallas Love Field and confirm the reservation for the desired date.

Of course, at your disposal are thousands of other locations around the world.

Yes, a rental car gives you many travel advantages, but the development of high technology has contributed to the emergence of several completely unique ways to travel. You can check them out right now…

  1. Submarine Underwater Trip

In tropical countries, which attract millions of tourists every year, diving is a popular sport and leisure activity.

Despite the fact that it’s associated with certain risks, you can see the beauty of the seabed and bright fish. For those who are not ready to dive into the water on their own, there are tourist boats and bathyscaphes for mass or individual dives.

Boats for underwater cruises are a fairly new area of ​​tourism. It became possible thanks to innovative technologies, gradually conquering sea resorts.

Submarines for tourism are produced by the Canadian company Atlantis Submarines and the Finnish concern Mobimar.

For those who don’t like to travel side by side with other travelers, innovative small-format submarines have been created. Unlike those that were used before, they have huge panoramic windows instead of portholes.

They allow to perfectly see everything from any angle, and rotating chairs are specially installed inside. The smallest devices are designed for only two people. So, the DeepFlight Super Falcon can provide a dive to medium depth.

Such submarines and bathyscaphes make sea recreation and tourism much more attractive.

Now such devices are used only along the sea coast, but the plans of the developers are grandiose – allow anyone to see the Titanic’s place of death or get to the Mariana Trench.

  1. Flights to the stratosphere

So far, tourism hasn’t reached the point where people can be sent for walks in interplanetary space. Nevertheless, flights to the stratosphere are already underway.

This layer of the earth’s shell doesn’t yet provide zero gravity, but it’s already dark in it, just like in space.

Therefore, at any time of the day, you can see stars from there.

The first company planning to launch air tourists into the stratosphere is World View Enterprises. A capsule has been prepared for this, in which people will fly up in a balloon.

The maximum flight altitude will be 32 km. Passenger aircraft routes no longer pass there, so nothing will interfere with the flight.

In order to rise to such a height, you need a very large ball, into which 400 thousand cubic meters of helium is pumped.

The capsule will be completely airtight – it can comfortably accommodate 8 persons, including 6 tourists and 2 pilots. The time required for the flight takes about 2 hours, except for the two-hour climb and descent.

During the flight, all people will be able to move freely inside the capsule, because there’s enough space in it.

The most extreme stage of air travel will be the descent: in order for the capsule to go down, the cable connecting to the ball will be cut off, and free fall will begin. Immediately after this, the parachute will open, and the gradual fall will take up to 2 hours.

  1. Virtual excursions

Increasingly, tourism is completely changing its format and moving into new planes. This is exactly what happened in the case of virtual tours.

The first developers created virtual tours in the most famous museums around the world. Now, with the help of such a service, you can visit online such large museums as the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This format is perfect for people who, due to certain circumstances, can’t visit the desired places of interest, but are not ready to completely abandon such an idea.

Now, in the same way, you can visit the central streets of many cities and other iconic places. A person making an excursion using such technology can immediately select the desired language and receive audio accompaniment that is in no way inferior to a real guide.

This became possible thanks to the use of special robots remotely controlled by a virtual tourist who can enter the Internet through any access point – a tablet, computer, or virtual reality helmet.

There won’t be difficulties in controlling such a robot: it only needs to set the direction of movement.


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