Visitor Screening Software during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Knowing who is entering your premises is more than just a safety issue in today’s COVID-19 pandemic. With millions of global cases of coronavirus, it is hard to argue with the fact that the COVID-19 has been spreading very quickly through countries, cities, states, & even communities worldwide. Although countries such as the United States, Australia, & India implemented lockdowns in their countries to safeguard social distancing, several states & cities are reopening to kick-start their economy. There is a challenge that numerous organizations face is the daunting task of keeping their visitors and employees safe as the COVID-19 pandemic surges on. If your organization is reopening doors to customers, staff, & visitors, safety steps must be taken to safeguard everyone by minimizing the potential exposure to the virus. Below, we will show you how installing the visitor screening software by Veris can provide several benefits which can help to minimize the spread of this pandemic within your organization and community.

Why Touchless Visitor Management System in this COVID-19 Pandemic?

Improved Security

Enhanced security is the most vital benefit of COVID-ready visitor management. Any organization, workplace, or company needs to be aware of everything within your premises. And, the capability to identify the guests allows staff to be ready for any unwanted situation. If a visitor has caused trouble in the past, they will be identified quickly. The workplace management software also ensures that visitors can only enter the authorized areas. The key benefit of the contactless visitor management solution is the capability to quickly access the full list of all employees, visitors, & contractors on site for use in case of emergency. No need to fumble through enormous paper lists of everybody on the premises. The visitor management system gives you instant access to a full emergency evacuation list.


Staying Flexible with Health & Safety Guidelines 

Today’s pioneering visitor management solutions incorporate COVID-19 critical features like facial recognition used for contact tracing, mask detection, temperature checks, and health questionnaires. Some visitor management systems include employee COVID screenings which feature allocation and inventory management of the personal protective equipment, employee scheduling for the staggered shifts, & capacity planning for social distance enforcement. Moreover, the flexibility of cloud-based visitor management solutions, mainly during this pandemic, allows you to set up the visitor flow that is appropriate for you. Quickly access your system (even remotely, from the comfort of your office) to adapt the guidelines & custom questionnaires to changing the health & safety guidelines.

Contactless Sign-In

According to the CDC, coronavirus transmission tends to occur via respiratory droplets, and the SARS-CoV-2 might remain on the objects for hours to days. So, disinfecting the frequently touched surfaces & objects, like the visitor sign-in book & digital tablet, is a must. However, frequently cleaning & disinfecting the visitor sign-in book is a time-consuming procedure and can also damage the book. To reduce this potential exposure, protect company equipment and save time, we recommend opting for the contactless visitor sign-in system. Visitor screening software is a hygienic approach that allows guests, customers, & contractors to sign in by simply scanning the QR code by using the camera of smartphones. And, the contactless sign-in feature of visitor screening software ensures that everyone in your reception area can maintain the social distancing to reduce close contact & stay safe.

Adapting to Existing Systems

Visitor management systems work with the existing systems for user provisioning or automatic synchronization of visitors in your active directory. This way, new individuals added to your active directory will be spontaneously added to your user’s list in your system, & your list of hosts will always be up-to-date.

We all need to face one truth – we face a disaster that has disrupted our lives & businesses, and this may happen again in the future. We have already learned that it certainly pays to be prepared, and visitor screening software is the leading solution. The software includes identifying smarter ways to keep moving forward in times of crises without threatening the health & safety of your employees and visitors.

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