How COVID19 Spread from the Coronary Defenses (PPE)

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The virus can spread from the protective material prescribed for the coronavirus. The new virus is one of the most dangerous microorganisms seen in the world. The virus is rapidly emerging, changing its status and internal DNA. As a result, the world’s health scientists are unable to control the virus.

Countries in the developed world are simultaneously trying to detect the virus’s drugs and vaccines. Usually, after the discovery of a disease drug or vaccine, the animal is tested first. But in the current coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and drug discovery, human beings are being tested first rather than tested on animals.

The virus is so dangerous and contagious that it quickly infects one person to another. Doctors in Bangladesh fear the contagious nature of the virus. They are concerned that the awareness of Corona has not increased among the people of Bangladesh.

Although the government is largely successful in trying to get everyone to leave their homes, they feel that there is still some failure. Some people disobey the government’s orders, yet outside the house, the party is roaming around, sitting together and chatting.


The team is sitting and drinking tea at the Tong shop. After leaving, people from Dhaka went to their village home. Again calling for garment workers to come to Dhaka, millions of workers have entered Dhaka in similar mudslides one day.

From the Ministry of Health, they said that at some stage, community transmission of coronavirus is taking place. As a result, no one can tell who is infected. Health Minister Zahid Malek, the health ministry’s press briefing on Sunday, reported that three people had been infected. The number of people living in Dhaka is high.

Doctors say that the virus can spread from time to time with protection. Former Dean of Surgery Followers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dr. Muhammad Saiful Islam, said the protection materials include masks, tissue paper, dresses, and headcover. The most dangerous of these are masks, tissues, hand gloves, etc.

Because using tissue once is putting people where they are. A coronavirus does not show symptoms for long. Unless a person expresses symptoms, he or she is healthy. Being available, many now use tissues without using handkerchiefs. The infected person may have colds and coughs or sneezes removed in the tissue where they are left.

This tissue can carry the virus through its legs if it is infected or infected by others, and can infect many others without their knowledge. Professor Muhammad Saiful Islam said, now the mask has become quite available. The mask is now seen everywhere. The virus can spread from this mask. In addition to this, the affected person may, unknowingly, infect everyone in his home or apartment.

Professor Saiful Islam said I have dropped the words of the common people. Where are the doctors removing their used PPE after treatment? Various types of materials used for medical use can be seen lying in the open dustbin.

If a coronavirus is not disinfected after proper treatment, it will cause it to spread to the community. Except for a few hospitals in the capital, many hospitals have abandoned their used medical equipment.

Where is the assurance that this will not happen now? Besides, where are the PPEs used by the doctors of the hospital prescribed for the treatment of coronas, and how are you removing them? Did it disinfect? Professor Muhammad Saiful Islam advised the government to look into this matter very carefully.

IEDCR Director Dr. Mirzadi Sabrina Flora and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. ASM Alamgir said that the PPE used by those working with the Corona test at IEDCR was first decontaminated.

Medical waste collector Prism was later handed over to them after confirming that he was disinfected. They said that the PPE used does not contain any germs. Similar measures are being taken at the hospitals prescribed for the treatment of coronas.

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