Where It is Must Install Emergency & Exit Lighting in A Building For Safety?

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With the installation of technology upgraded safety equipment like a fire extinguisher, you won’t understand the importance of emergency & exit lights until smoke from a fire or sudden power failure makes it impossible to find the exits. They are innovated to automatically illuminate the space when the building experiences a power failure while ensuring occupants can safely navigate the escape route. As per the safety terms, installing emergency and exit lighting is a must, but do you know exactly where to install them in your building? In this post, we will be aware of all the places and spots where installing emergency & exit lights is a must.

The guide highlights the spaces where you should locate your emergency lighting. 

Escalators- Although escalators are not a part of any exit route, it is still a safety measure to ensure illumination. By making them visible, the possibility of escalators becoming dangerous gets significantly reduced. 

Stairways- This is one of the spots that pose a potential hazard during an emergency. In stairways, whether it is residential or office lighting needs to be there to ensure proper visibility. For a better visibility, you must consider stairways residential or office lighting so that all of the stairs decline and inclines are made visible. 


Exit doors (both external & internal) – Ensuring that all the exit doors of the property are well lit will give you a sigh of relief in an emergency. Exit doors that are well illuminated by emergency & exit lighting ensure the safe exit of residents or visitors during an emergency like a fire, power cut, or natural disaster.

Basements & parking lots- Of many rooms, basements and parking lots are the only spaces that hardly get natural sunlight. Thus, you should always keep them illuminated by purchasing the durable emergency lights from the Okanagan supplier and ensuring occupants safely make their way to the exit route. 

Commercial, high-rise buildings- When there is an emergency occurring in a high-rise building, particularly commercial, the illumination of emergency & exit lighting help to guide people out as safely and quickly as possible. 

Installation of emergency lights is as important as fire alarm systems and extinguishers that help in reducing the incident. Invest in quality emergency & exit lighting of a trusted supplier to ensure the safety of building occupants and visitors.

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