Why Hire a Nanny for your Child ?

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Looking after a kid can be difficult at times, especially if you have a job. After all, you can’t do both because both of these tasks demand a lot of your time and undivided attention. As for Kids of any age, they need someone to turn to at all times because as they progressively grow older; they experience a lot of changes, they need help with a lot of things, they need to learn a lot of things, and you can’t do it all after a long and exhausting day at work because at this point all you want to do is have a nap and possibly some snacks or quite simply just some peace. So here at the nanny’s nest, we have your back. We believe every parent deserves to have someone to lean on and whom they can trust with their little ones.

Nanny’s nest is the best nanny agency in the USA, based in Illinois. We have many potential nannies, babysitters, and doulas; they’ll be there for your kids when you can’t. Nanny’s nest help ensure your family has everything they need to thrive. With our incredible network of passionate childcare professionals, you’ve always got someone to call. 

What Do Nannies Do?

Nannies can tackle every task both gracefully and in an orderly manner. They have enough experience to know what a kid wants or what needs to be done and when or you can instruct them upon what needs to be done, and they’ll plan it accordingly.


Nannies will help your kids to be more independent and teach them basic stuff they need to know at their appropriate age. For example, they’ll potty train your toddler, or they might teach your kids how to dress and undress, put on their shoes, tie laces when they’re older. They’ll make them confident enough to take care of themselves and get some tasks done with little to no assistance.



Nannies take great care of their kids’ hygiene. They’ll clean them, bath them and keep them polished. They make sure the kids are brushing their teeth and have clean and trimmed nails. They’ll change their diapers too if the child is at that age.


Being a nanny is a lot of things, and of course, that includes being a chef. They’ll cook a variety of food that is both delicious and healthy. They’ll keep their carbs and vegies in check. You could prepare a food plan for them if you wish. When hiring a nanny babysitter, make sure you alert them of any food-related (or other) allergies, so they remember to avoid them.


Keeping a kid busy is hard. They get frustrated and bored easily, but nannies know how to keep them interested. They’ll have a lot of fun and interesting activities to keep them occupied for a long time. They know how to grab their attention; it could be either a fun game or activities that’ll help them progress and get sharper. They could plan outdoor activities like going to the park for a walk, cycling play dates, grocery shopping; with your consent, of course. They help older kids to bake or paint, which might spark some passion and interest.


Note that nannies are not to be expected to do all the house chores, but they do take responsibility for keeping your kids’ stuff clean and organized, which includes; doing their laundry, cleaning the table and the dishes after feeding the kid or loading them in the dishwasher, organizing their bedroom and cleaning it, folding and stacking their clothes and picking their toys and keeping them in place when they’re done playing with them.


Nannies can help your kids with their homework. They’ll try and make sure your kids are doing well in school and assign them sheets and activities to help them with their classes.

We believe nannies are fairy godparents for both you and your kids; With them around, there is a lot of things you can do that you usually wouldn’t have time for because of all the responsibilities on your shoulders and completely focus on the job at hand without feeling like you’re neglecting your kids or feeling guilty about it.

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