Perfect Guide to Play Washers Game Under Official Washer Toss Rules!

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Seeking a game that helps you to develop new creative and technical skills?

If YES, the Washers Toss Game is the best option for you.

It’s a fun, portable yard game that is entertaining and challenging to play. Similar to horseshoes, Washers toss game is where 2 or 4 players compete to throw washers into Washers boards’ holes. The remarkable part of this perfect sporting game is its popularity among 153 nations worldwide, where it’s played under different variations and official washers game board rules. There are many nations that are often considering playing this game with 3 hole washers boards.

What makes washers a perfect family game?

  1. Washers Game Rules and Regulations devised by official Authorities.
  2. The Game is Super Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  3. It can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Equipment for Washers

  • Washer Boards

Washer Boards usually come in 32x13x3” size with two or three holes in the mainframe.

  • Washers

Washers are typically about 2 1/2 inches on the outer rim with a 1” hole in the middle.

Which variants of Washers Boards are rising among people?

There is no denying that today Washers Toss game has become one of the perfect sports to build up your core creative skills. The Washers game accessories like 3 hole washers game are considered for the professional playing of the game. While considering playing with 3 hole washers game, place the boards in such a way so that all holes are in a line, Now separate these boards with a 10-foot distance between the front edges of the boards.

While considering the tossing of Washers, players must take all core steps to put their both feet either on the washer boards or next to it. Moving past the front of the board is considered a foul and will result in the loss of turn.

When it comes to perfect playing, then it’s best to follow the Washers Game board rules as per professional guidelines used by many people worldwide.

One always has to remember that score cannot be awarded by just pitching a washer into the same hole as a competitor. It’s always to pay close attention to what are alignment that can help you lead in Washers toss game.

Let’s look at some of the Washers game board rules.

  1. As per the rules and regulations, place the washers boards 25 ft apart. It’s always best to choose a grassy playground which is suitable or playing the game.
  • Move the boxes closer to one another if you’re playing washers with kids, so the kids don’t have to throw the washers as far.
  • If playing the Washers game in the 3 hole variant, consider the 3-hole washers game rules accordingly.
  • Always avoid playing this game on a hard surface since the washers may bounce and can cause any serious injury.
  1. Divide the players into 2 teams

Two individuals can play against each other. Or, if you have 4 individuals, split the group up into 2 teams consisting of 2 players each. Each team gets 3 washers. Each team’s washers have some kind of distinguishing sign like a hole in the middle on some.

  1. A competition is organized for deciding who will take will take first chance to throw washer toss towards washers boards target.
  2. A fair scoring system is organized and agreed to by everyone.
  3. The game is played until a team makes a score of 21 points.

What is the best way to throw Washers towards the Washers Boards?

  • Stand on one side of the box.
  • Hold the washer between your middle finger and thumb.
  • Always aim toward the hole on the other side of the field as you wind up.
  • Throw the washer from a hip level, so it’s easier to land washer in the hole.

How is the scoring done in Washers Toss Game?

  • If you’re playing a game with a 3-hole washers board, landing the washer into the hole closest to the front is worth 1 point, the middle hole is worth 3 points, and the farthest hole counts as 5 points.
  • If a washer is pitched off the board, then it doesn’t score any points.
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