ACE Driving Centre and School in Edmonton Canada

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We focus on safe, responsible driving. Our aim is to help everyone pass the driving test as soon as possible, according to Edmonton Canada traffic laws. When learning with the ACE Driving Center, you can be assured that you will receive professional driving tuition from highly trained instructors.

Understandably, some women may feel more comfortable around a driving instructor. At the ACE Driving Center, our female driving instructors deliver the best driving classes, Edmonton results, and rates to our female audience. Our women will make sure that you are feeling comfortable on the day of your exam so that you can easily pass.

Our Mission We strive to improve and enhance road safety by providing mobile driving training services that meet the highest international standards and best practices.

Our vision as a leading learning and driver training organization in the Middle East is to be at the forefront of promoting our reputation and road safety awareness.


Our Vehicle Training Type:

Manual cars The ACE Driving Center provides lessons on car-driven cars. There are many benefits to choosing manual experiences, such as greater control, the ability to drive a broader range of make-up and models that only come with a manual transmission, and, in some cases, higher fuel efficiency.

Automated cars The ACE Driving Center also offers automated driving lessons. Since the clutch pedal is not available here, especially on dense city roads and if you have trouble managing the gears in the manual, automatic driving may be more comfortable. Whether you choose automatic or manual driving lessons, you can be confident that you will receive the same high standard of tuition from our instructors.

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Because of these reasons, why many people choose the David Driving Center.

Competitive Pricing We know that when it comes to choosing a company to provide you with driving lessons in Canada, it is worth it. Learning to drive is often the most expensive thing you ever learn to do, so finding a driving school that can guide you to a higher price than you can afford.

A highly qualified instructor. All of our women and  ACE driving instructors are fully trained and qualified, and each of them is highly experienced. Not only this, but they are all regularly re-tested by the City Traffic Police to ensure that the best quality of tuition is maintained.

Full Flexibility We are aware that our learners live busy lives and need to complete their driving training around their job, study, or family affiliation. Whether you work shifts or need your lessons during a change, we can adjust to your needs. Our teachers work from 7am to 10pm during the week, so you can have full flexibility in what you can do to your needs. Even better, you never receive an extra charge for lessons in the evenings or weekends, so you can still enjoy a good value for money.

Great selection of cars. Some driving schools use only one type of vehicle for driving lessons in Canada. However, we are proud to offer a limited range of cars. This means that if you have a particular vehicle you want to drive, we can provide you with the car you like.

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