7 Grammar Activities to Use in the preschool Classroom

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Are you looking for fun ideas to teach grammar in the preschool?

Thinking about various ways to teach grammar can be a challenging task. If you’re not teaching them in a funny as well as a valuable way, it will become a bothersome part of teaching. 

For children learning grammar can be an outstanding experience if you serve it with some activities. Learning while playing is always an effective way to teach children a valuable lesson with interest. 

How’s learning while playing possible when it comes to teaching grammar?


Pre-school at Corpus Christi implement such an incredible and effective way to teach grammar to their students. Let’s look for the innovative and intelligent ideas teachers implement for grammar activities. 

Here you have it:

Children can learn languages from playtime. Games and other activities offer a fun-filled and comfortable atmosphere where they can learn new vocabulary.

Activities and games are effective ways to develop language learning skills. It encourages them to speak new words and feel relaxed to use while playing. 

Let’s have a look at some games and teaching tools that make grammar activities more interesting for children. 

Word/Sentence Puzzles

At preschool in Corpus Christi, teachers can arrange blocks or cards of alphabets. Arrange the session like the teacher speaks one word/sentence, and children have to form it in the present, past, and future tense. It develops your toddler’s language learning skills. 


Arrange the activities in that, show children some pictures, instruct them to find out verbs, and tell them to write down that verbs in all tense. Or teachers can instruct students to write a brief description of the given picture. 


Provide various story sheets to each child. Tell them to identify verbs, nouns, articles, prepositions, and so on. Instruct them to use different colors for different things. For example, round verbs with red color, underline articles with blue color, and so on. Using various colors might be fun for the children, and meanwhile, they learn to identify phrases and other grammatical factors. 


As learning while playing is the best way ever to teach children. Tell your students, let’s play one game. In that teacher will sing riddles and all the students have to write their answers. Anser should be in one line instead of one word. It teaches children how to frame a sentence. 


Teachers at the best preschool in Corpus Christi, TX, arranges funny activities to teach grammar. One of the activities in that teacher gives every student a sheet with one story. Instruct all children to fill in the blanks or label the punctuation where required. For example, put the comma, full stop, apostrophe, etc. 

Word Bank

Teachers can also schedule weekly activities like Monday to give one little dairy to every child. Tell them to list down words they learn and by the end of the week count who lists down more words and encourages them with gifts. 


Practice makes everyone perfect. Daily before the end of the day, arrange one session and tell three students to sing rhymes. It makes everyone excitedly waiting for their turn. It also develops their confidence and learns new words and vocabulary. 

Wrapping Up

Learning while playing is always an effective way to teach new things to children. It’s quite challenging for preschoolers to answer all their questions and teach them something new with the value. 

Preschools in Corpus Christi are working with learning while playing. It arranges various activities that children love to participate in, and every time they learn valuable lessons. Especially for grammar lessons, teachers arrange fun activities. 

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