Play Carrom Battle Pool With a New Twist?

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Do you ever try to play Carrom? So, then ready to play Carrom battle pool where you are going to play carom with interesting turns and twist. This is not the simple carrom game but also has an innovative twist.

Fight dice is the new idea on the play store that makes you increasingly enjoyment right now pool: circle games. Carrom pool fight ice is inside the carrom pool that you need to perform various methods to pass the carrom circle on the opposite side. Presently the breakout fight starts.

There is a divider in the mid of the carrom pool, and you need to pass the fighting dice through the divider that contains an opening. Hit the objective, hold it, and toss it into the gap.

Play the Carrom in different style:

Everyone loves to play Carrom, where there is the carrom board which contains 9 white, 9 black, and 1 red Queen carrom. In which two-player play the game in the competitive mode.


But now you can play this game in a different style in a more competitive way. Enjoy the new concept in carrom battle and win this challenge by your unique tricks. Get ready to score more than your competitor. So, score fast than your opponent and win the game and championship by playing Carrom Battle Pool.

Ready to defeat your opponent?

Keep away from your adversary to pass it on the grounds that your rival is on the opposite side of the divider, and it stops you from getting his circle. Carrom is a simple to play Single player tabletop game. With basic ongoing interaction and smooth controls and sensible material science, travel far and wide and play against commendable adversaries. So, are you up for the test in the fight circle?


  • A new idea introduced in Carrom
  • Amazing environment to play Carrom
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Well-designed graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Challenging levels
  • Smooth controls


So, if you bored with the regular Carrom, then you should try this new style carrom. In this, you complete the challenge in the given time period. So, you have to target your carrom circle in the given period of time. So, be ready for this new carrom challenge. Simple to play however difficult to become ace on carrom striker! Toss your carrom pieces into the adversary side as quickly as possible. Toss the carrom plate and destroy rivals’ safeguards. In the event that AI striker gets the circle, he will toss it back. So be cautious!! From this game, you will learn new techniques for Carrom. So, be ready and win the championship of the Carrom. Your competitor is very sharp. It is not so easy to beat your opponent. You are playing this game by utilizing your extraordinary techniques.

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