Is simplisafe claiming a faster police response true?

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There was a time when home security was such a concern for people. But with the introduction of new Smart Home security systems, it has become so easy to monitor everything.

However, it is not free and comes at a high cost. But, you always get your peace of mind when you use any of the Home Security System.

SimpliSafe is one of the innovative Home Security brands, which is always known for innovative products with sleek and latest design.

It is also one of the best security systems that I would always love to have for my home.


Simplisafe has recently come up with a new release known as Entryway Kit. This kit contains almost everything needed for securing your Homes like video doorbell, interactive system, Sensor, and keypad.

This system can also be used with Alexa, Google Home, and can be controlled through the App.

What’s there in Entryway Kit?

If you use the Simplisafe Entryway kit, you come across the sound of SimpliSafe siren, which is 95db. So, whenever some intruder tries to enter your house, your alarm goes off, and an alert is sent to both the SimpliSafe monitoring system and the Police.

As per jenny, writer at Howtl in post Does SimpliSafe come with a siren? How loud is it?

Simplisafe siren is quite loud, and it can wake your neighbors up even if you are not at home, which would really tell the intruders to stay away from your homes.

According to a paper produced by Stanford University in 2018 known as “Police Response Times to Calls for Service” and several other law enforcement bodies from Jan. 2015 to Dec. 2016.

Simplisafe claims to have a police response time of 350% faster for people using Simplisafe security systems.

The Video doorbell pro, which comes with this Entryway kit, has a wide-angle of 160 degrees and records video in 1080p.

The doorbell also has night vision and two-way talk speakers so that you can talk to the person standing at your door without opening it. The best part is that you can have access to it even from hundreds of kilometers away from your home.

There is also an option for the up-gradation of the Entryway kit. The kit can further be upgraded with panic buttons, smoke detectors, Indoor cameras, and smart locks.

Simplisafe subscription costs

In addition to the gear expenses, tracking services from SimpliSafe demands a 15 per month Normal Monitoring program. For customizable program controls and movies, verification users are needed to register to get a $25 a month Interactive Monitoring program.

The Entryway Security Kit costs $300 and is available only at select Best Buy locations and online. There’s not any word on if the machine will be accessible in different shops in the long run.

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