06 Tips to Master Gym Management and Set-up

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Investment in a gym was never more profitable as it has grown to be in recent years. It is because of the growing concern for health, physical fitness.

And even looks that society has experienced in the postmodern era. However, the gym business, too, saw an upsurge in the competition with the boost in the business.

The advent of technology and new exercise formats such as Pilates and Crossfit have changed the way people approached the fitness centers.

This is a phenomenon that has greatly favored the appearance of different types of fitness centers.


Until just 10 years ago, going to the gym was almost a luxury that was not available to everyone.

In India, there are currently about 24,000 gyms and fitness centers, and the business model has completely transformed.

Thus, the demand for fitness centers has skyrocketed in recent years, so it is essential not to leave any detail of our project to chance if we want it to be profitable.

For this reason, from Easy Gym Software, we want to explain what the most important aspects that must be taken into account to carry out cost-effective gym management are.


Setting up a gym requires good planning, having good professionals. Who can advise you on its equipment,  carrying out a good market study, having management training, choosing a good location?

And making an analysis of your competitors and having a good team to advise properly.

In this phase, it is advisable to hire the services of a specialized consultancy that can offer us information about the sector. And check the supply and demand, the start-up of the business, and the elements necessary for our business to succeed.

And is that the profitability of any gym is to offer a good service and the facilities we have.

In this sense, additional activities are key to complement the basic activity of the gym.

For example, Pilates, Tai chi, aerobics, dance classes, yoga, massage room, sauna, sale of vitamins and nutritional supplements, etc.

With them, we will be able to diversify the income, being able to collect the services together or separately. Of course, in order to include this type of service, it is essential to have a large place.

Location and competition

It is time to think about the business model. In this phase, we have to analyze the competitors.  Go around the area where the gym is intended to be installed. Meet the other sports centers that we have nearby to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. And the type of attention they provide to your customers, etc.

In this way, we can know what the opportunities of the sector are and find ways to differentiate ourselves from them.  It is this difference that will make our business attractive and that people want to choose us. Therefore, it is important not to hurry and observe even the smallest detail of everything.

Gym equipment and conditioning

Our sports center must have a minimum of space. We can buy it or rent it, but it is very important that it is well conditioned based on the needs of this type of business.

We must ensure there is adequate ventilation, mirrors in the multipurpose room, machine area, bathrooms and changing rooms. If it is an area of ​​the city with parking difficulties, have an exclusive parking area for customers.

In the event that you do not have enough space for the latter, you can reach an agreement with some parking in the area so that customers can enjoy a lower rate.

Gym staff training

We must hire professional monitors and coaches. Who has the training and experience necessary to build trust and confidence in our clients?

Remember that it is they who will always be in contact with customers and those who will be in charge of providing the advice they need at all times.

In short, to guide them throughout their workouts day by day. For the area of ​​machines, with one or two monitors is enough, but remember that you will also need monitors to teach additional classes, for which it is advisable to hire a professional from each discipline.

However, we must bear in mind that the fitness sector, as in many others, is a constantly changing sector. In which new training dynamics and activities are emerging that we cannot remain on the sidelines.

For this reason, we must continually train our team to ensure that customers feel fully satisfied and that the sports center is working properly. Think that the staff is a fundamental part of your business and that the service they provide to your customers must be quality and personalized.

Promotion of your gym

Implementing effective marketing strategies will help make your gym profitable. And, in that, creativity plays a key role.

You can offer free classes to come and try out the facilities and activities. Launch special offers in off-peak hours, flexible schedules with different disciplines. Special rates for local workers, advertising in traditional media and on the Internet to attract new customers, etc.

With regard to the latter, advertising should not be seen as an expense, but an investment, since it will help us attract new customers.

Once they have signed up, we will also implement loyalty strategies so that they do not leave. This is really important because they are the ones who will recommend us among their acquaintances and those that will make more customers arrive.

Gym management

The management of a gym is an indispensable requirement to meet the needs of our sports center. But also to simplify tasks, increase productivity, and obtain greater economic profitability. It goes through daily monitoring of the center and optimizing the time and resources available to make the gym efficient and profitable.

For this, the solutions and experiences that clients need must be included,  in a flexible, intuitive and social way, adapting the operation of the sports center, to the customization and size of the facilities, always being done gradually and stepwise.

From an administrative point of view, the task of supervision at points of sale should be facilitated and invoicing controlled at all times with a good gym management system that generates and manages bank receipts.

In addition, your gym management system should facilitate the internal audit of the center’s accounts. So that it can be integrated with other accounting systems and applications. In addition, customer management must be quick and intuitive, allowing the creation of family groups, types of members, companies, etc.

On the other hand,

The gym management software must be flexible with regard to the configuration of groups, activities, and rates, schedules, courses, etc. Also registration of customers, renovations, receipts, management of classes, etc.

Good business management must also be carried out. Try implementing and tracking business campaigns, sending messages or emails, customer segmentation.

Finally, facilities reservations should also be managed.

If you are able to do all this with good gym management software, it will enhance the productivity of your center. It will serve both to facilitate teamwork and to attract new customers and retain those we already have.

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