Top 8 Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

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Making money online is as challenging as landing your dream job. It’s never a piece of cake, so one has to make a lot of effort in building your online business. When you think about making money online, you have plans to start with a blog, earn the traffic, and later monetize it to start earning. This is the most followed way to earn money online. But if you keep this factor aside, you’ll find many other ways to start making money online.

But know that all the online businesses start with a website. Even if you start blogging, you’ll need a website to earn your credibility in the competitive market. Online businesses are also the best escape from your 9 to 5 job, but to build the online business takes your heart, sweat, and efforts, and if you don’t show consistency in building your online presence, you might fall apart.

So, here’s how you can start making money online.

1. Build a Blog and Become an Affiliate Marketer

The first and the most simple way to start earning is through a blog. First, choose your blog name, domain name, and have website. Start writing your thoughts on your blog, and after you gained enough traction, switch to Amazon for affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. By signing up on the Amazon Affiliate Program and selling their products, you can earn a good commission on each sale you make. The continuous and successful blogging about products will scale your blog traffic and help you to earn from your blog.

2. Build your Writing Business

If your blog has gained your organic reach, then it means your audience appreciates your writing style. So, you can also start freelancing through your blog by taking writing orders from your audience. The traffic on your website will help you to get the orders and grow your writing business online. You can start with what you’re best at and then later expand to complete writing services.

3. Start a Small eCommerce Store

To start an eCommerce store isn’t necessary that you have brand new products with you. You can start selling your books, clothes if they are in good condition and other home and lifestyle accessories. You can also register your products on eBay or Amazon. Instagram can also help you with the selling process.

4. Sell Online Courses

If you think your years of experience have given you enough grasp in your field, you can start selling your information online. Register as a teacher on Udemy or Coursera and start selling your knowledge. By participating in Facebook groups and coming live on Facebook and Instagram, you can also build your community and sell your advice on how to make money online.

5. YouTube Channel

Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine. By sharing information and educating your audience about the field you’re expert in, you can build your online community and win the trust of your audience. Your earning will depend on the number of views on your videos and subscribers on your Youtube channel.

6. Create a Podcast

2020 is the year of online videos, podcasts, and digital channels. So, by creating podcasts and sharing inspiring stories, you can also build your audience. You can sell your podcast on podcasting channels or Apps. Focus on sharing the right information and the message which your audience can relate to. If your information is worth sharing, you’ll start getting noticed soon.

7. Website Testing

Since all your work is online, you must have a pretty strong idea about the best practices of a website. Go to the online sites TestingTime or and start earning by testing the people’s websites and recommending them solutions. If you have good SEO skills, you can also start recommending the best SEO services to the businesses that are missing it.  

8. Sell Photos

Some people are excellent at capturing photos and have a great following on their Instagram because of their photo-capturing skills. You can earn a great profit by registering on the stock photo sites and selling your photos there.    

Apart from these eight tips, you can also earn from the freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Toptal. Depending upon your skills and the experience, you can earn a great profit, but remember consistency is important. 

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