Cell Phones Have Become A Necessity

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Cell Phones as Necessity

Today there are bunches of uses of mobile phones. The use of PDA can be contrasted, and a PC since most recent mobile phone models has all the usefulness and highlights that a PC had and is taking the lead over PC because of its little size, pocket agreeable, lightweight, and can be worked with less force.

Nowadays, people use cell phones, not for communication purposes only. But for using the internet, especially for social media, research work, taking and sending pictures, making videos and emailing, etc.

It can be used everywhere, anyone can take it to anywhere as it is portable and can be carried easily.

The most common use of mobile phones is able to call for help in an emergency. This case is, however, very rare.


Generally, the telephone is a way of gaining knowledge and staying in contact with the whole world. It is a technological advance in the field of communication. It allows anyone wherever they are, to stay in touch at all times.

1) Cell phone in all professions

They are being used by teachers and students of all levels, whether they are school going, college-going or university going.

It is also used by Doctors, Engineers of every field, women in their daily activities, and people who are doing any kind of job. Today business is almost impossible without a cell phone.

They are playing an important role in every industry from the aviation industry to other service sectors. They have become a necessity.

2) Cell Phone in all activities

They are is no longer limited to talking purposes. They are also being used in capturing photos, making and editing videos, recording useful information, and sharing it with another phone or to a computer.

Other facilities, like chatting on different social media platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Pinterest, etc.), sending text messages, making phone calls, and transferring MMS information. Students can also use a cell phone to make their assignments.

A cell phone allows you to learn many things, such as to record the places, people, shops, places you go to. It also enables you to work with online banking, such as to do electronic payments, transactions, and online billing.

Another advantage is to have access to the internet through a sim card within the cell phone. If you are out of town and you need to do some important tasks you can easily do without any extra effort.

3) Cell phone plays a role in Medical Field

Even in the medical field, mobile devices are now replacing large amounts of medical textbooks. Health care professionals can easily get information from these portable devices.

They do not need to waste their time running to the library or to carry heavy bundles of medical books around. Even students can also find books, notes, guidelines, reviews, articles, and new medical journals easily from their smart-phones.

On the other hand, doctors and patients can easily communicate with each other and can share information without the need for physical meetings. With the help of telemedicine apps, a video call is now possible. Medicine science has declared that cell phone telemedicine apps will give more reliability and a good performance to its users, and in the near future, the design will be better and will prove to be a foundation for dealing the patients on time with the help of a mobile phone.

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