Here’s Why Phone Answering Services is Important for Your Business

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The first impression always counts, irrespective of the business sector you deal with. Losing clients or customers due to an unprepared start can ruin your overall sales and turnover. However, this is not the most difficult to improve since BPO services already include a solution.

Phone answering services are a relatively newer service offering for every inbound call center company. However, most businesses have not yet considered this process’s crucial role in increasing sales and revenue.

With that being the build-up to the importance of phone answering services, let’s discuss why it is important for your business.

  1. Captures Every Sales Opportunity 

    Making sales is the lifeline of every business out there. As a result, businesses spend a chunk of their budget on lead generation, marketing and sales. However, what would be the point of spending on such processes if you don’t have phone answering services to attend incoming queries.Phone answering services are very flexible and can be up-scaled or down-scaled to a great extent. You can even outsource a very nuclear team that would be functional only when you are unavailable to take up calls from prospective clients and customers.

  1. Saves Costs 

    Since phone answering services are not the mainstay for the sales process, it does not require a huge number of agents at the same time. So, if you hired an in-house receptionist or team of agents, you might end up spending extra since you don’t know the frequency of calls you will receive, though you will have to pay the regular salaries.On the contrary, an inbound call center company will charge for its BPO services based on the call flow and frequency.

  1. Always Available 

    Phone answering services allow you to be available at all times, even after business hours. Unlike an on-shore outbound call center company, phone answering services can be available on your behalf to answer calls, emails, and texts even when you are closed on weekends or public holidays.

  1. Merges Appointment Setting 

    Most companies offering BPO services can customize their offering based on your requirements. For example, you can opt for a 3-in-1 service offering from your inbound call center company. So, apart from phone answering services, you can set up the same team for appointment setting and calendar management.

  1. Improves Your Brand Reputation 

    Employing phone answering services for inbound callers can give an impression to your customers and prospects that your business is quite established. In addition, having a virtual assistant for phone answering implies that your business has a good turnover and can afford outsourcing for every operation.So, in a way, it helps you create an impression of being a big entity among your target audience.

  1. Zero Contract Hassle 

    Unlike most BPO services, phone answering does not always need a formal contract between your business and the provider. Instead, it is much like pay-as-you-go and can treat it like an in-house employee, albeit more efficient and cost-effective.

  1. Have an Official Number for Your Business 

    This is something most established companies have and most startups plan to have. In addition, having a “1-1800” number adds a sense of reliability to your business. So, if you have a phone answering service in place, you can go for such an official phone number to make your business look that extra bit genuine and trustworthy.

  1. Increase In-house Productivity 

    Outsourcing phone answering services give you the freedom of dedicating individual staff to where they belong. So, for example, your receptionist can take up the regular duty, while the PA can get back to managing calendars.

Ending Note

The dependency on BPO outsourcing services has been on a constantly rising trend since the last decade or so. But what’s more commendable is how the sector is adapting to every new change and requirement that comes along the way.


Phone answering services are one such example of customizability and flexibility that a BPO company offers for your business. If you haven’t considered it yet, get in touch with your BPO service provider and find out more about their proposal on the same.

You can always search for any other inbound call center company with more industry experience and a wider presence.

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