Be Health Assured By Drinking Purified Water

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Drinking Purified Water

The presence of water makes earth the only place where there are life forms. Water is very important and one of the elements of human existence. With a growing population, there are various factors. Such as increased industries and misuse of water bodies leading to the degradation of water quality.

The alarming deterioration has led to the rise of getting the water purified. Water purification is necessary to get rid of various unnecessary elements which are unhealthy for human consumption present in the water Drinking clean water can go a long way in helping you stay healthy.

The food you eat, the water you drink determines your health and well-being. One needs to use the best water purifier to remove the pollutants, which contaminate the water and make water safe for human consumption. Waterborne diseases are a major problem caused by drinking contaminated water. Aquaguard RO AMC plan is a good solution for all this.

The technique of using disinfectants used by Municipal Corporation keeps us safe from microorganisms but gives an added burden of removing the chemicals present in water. There are also a number of pollutants in our water supply.


A big amount of chemicals which come into the water from car exhaust, toxic pesticides from farming, and industrial waste leads to pollution. Good water purifying techniques can save a lot of time and energy. Boiling water, on the one hand, is not the complete solution to remove the contaminants present in water.

A good water purifier lessens the chemicals and their toxic effects. There are various water purifiers available in the market for water purification, but getting the right water purifier is a tough job. There are various types of water purifiers with different water purifying techniques for the purification of water.

The major techniques of water purification are:-

1.  Ultraviolet Water Purifiers (UV Water Purifiers)

Ultraviolet (UV) water purification systems are the most cost-effective way of protecting ourselves from enzymes that contaminate our water. UV water filtration systems are mainly used to avoid different types of waterborne viruses, bacteria, molds.

This also controls the pathogenic disease-causing microorganisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Chlorine treated water is considered to be resistant against viruses such as the hepatitis virus, but this virus can be relatively easily eliminated through UV treatment.

Including the sun, there are various other light sources that emit UV rays.  UV light sometimes emits enough radiation to kill the DNA in bacteria and other microorganisms.

A UV water purification system consists of an Ultra Violet light source that has an output of around 254 nanometres, which can produce radiation of a significantly greater intensity than the radiation, which is provided by the sunlight.

2. Ultrafiltration Water Purifiers (UF Water Purifiers)

UF is a type of membrane filtration which uses the technique of separating the suspended particles and impurities from the water. This process is very effective in removing various contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, cyst, microorganisms, & natural organic impurities, which results in delivering pure and clean drinking water.

Ultra Filtration water purifier also uses a membrane just like the RO membrane, but the pore size of UF is more significant as compared to the RO membrane. Not operating on electricity is considered as the most significant advantage of UF water purifiers.

Therefore, for an area where power cuts are normal, UF water purifiers are the best choice. Apart from this, the process of filtration is straightforward & clean. The process does not use any chemicals for the purification of the water. This results in the taste of water remain unaltered.

3. Reverse Osmosis (RO Water Purifiers)

Reverse Osmosis uses a multi-stage filtration technique. Which is done by combining active carbon and particle filtration. In RO water purifiers, the water is passed through a membrane which has very small-sized pores to remove minerals and microorganisms which are present in water.

An RO water purifier improves the taste of water and is also recommended for localities, which has a high amount of dissolved salt in their water resource. RO Water Purifier is the best for treating hard water.

This type of water purifier removes toxins such as lead, mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine, which are health hazardous for humans. Lead metal causes brain damage. Cryptosporidium, which is found in a lake, rivers, and public supply water, can easily be removed by using RO water purifiers.

There is an aquaguard RO service to choose from, which helps you decide the plan for your water purifiers. RO also requires Annual Maintenance, which can be covered under  RO AMC ( Annually Maintenance Charges). The Kent RO AMC makes you free from monthly charges. The RO AMC Charges lessens the burden of paying every month and makes the maintenance easier.

Purification of water is the need of the hour. The quality of water is something that cannot be ignored before getting a purifier to know all the aspects of that purifier. Select the one which provides you with all the desired qualities and purified water.

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