Things to Consider before Choosing a T-Shirt Screen Printing Service

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Custom T-shirts can be used in so many ways, including building the camaraderie on sports teams, college sororities, family reunions, fraternities, and companies, advertising a brand, and as gifts for charity and other events. When you search online, you will find so many options, but it can be truly overwhelming to find the right T-shirt printing shop.

You need to take into consideration several aspects while looking for the right local  T-shirt printing service. Read on to discover some of the important things you need to consider while searching for a reliable T-shirt printing service.

Design features No doubt you have an idea of what the design on your T-shirt should be, but a good print shop will have experts to help you with your design. Ask if they provide for both clip art and disk. You also need to know whether they’ll print on both sides of the T-shirt, use multiple pictures, and offer diverse features of the text like variations in size, font, color, and alignment. Ask them if they have the tools to change the texts and images in their size, orientation, and rotation. It helps to get cool ideas to get more artistic with your customized T-shirt designs.

Apparel options: In a quality product, one size does not fit all. Thus, you need a choice of apparel options for your friends, company, family, or yourself. The main options you need to search for include short sleeves, long-sleeved T-shirts, tanks, and shirts in different sizes ranging from S- XXL. With these options of apparel screen printing, you get more exceptional custom T-shirts for all kinds of events.


Varied Printing options: The commonly followed printing process is not a great option. However, you can choose from the best options and go for high quality at the same time. It is advisable to choose a t-shirt printing shop offering other kinds of functions as well. These include sublimation, screen printing, and embroidery. With custom embroidery, you will get corporate-level T-shirt products that you, as well as your staff, will like to wear.

Importing options: Ask the T-shirt printing services what formats they prefer to download the design from a disk. Some of the best formats used for storing t-shirt designs include Gif, PNG, and JPG.

In house operation: Determine whether the T-shirt printing company uses their own house for the service or outsources the service. Please do not go for companies that outsource their services. It is better to use apparel screen printing services that offer their own in-house custom printing for various products like caps, T-shirts, and bags.

Do they offer vital advice? People running businesses like these are generally more informed than a person who has just started a T-shirt selling business. If you express your desire for a particular design, the company’s designer may offer important advice on the best design for a particular t-shirt. They should be able to provide you with valuable guidance and advice on what are the best options for your custom T-shirts.

Good Market Reputation

Always check the track record of the prospective t-shirt printing company. Make sure you go to a company with a good reputation. Check the reviews of the former clients of the company. These aspects are going to give you an insight into what you can expect from the company.

Choose The Right Company

Get detailed quotes from various companies for their printing services. Look at the different options you have for an apparel screen printing service and at what cost. Take samples from at least three companies and compare the services. Study all the essential aspects like printing, quality, and rating before making your decision.

Excellent Customer Service

Having good customer service is going to prove vital while selecting the right T-shirt printing shop. Make sure that you take note of how they answer your queries and respond to issues and complaints raised by their customers. The best companies take the time to listen to their customers and also take steps to resolve the problems they may be facing.

Considering all the above aspects, you will surely be able to find the best T-shirt printing company for your thriving apparel and clothing selling business.

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