Is Drinking Water Good for Hair Wash?

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We try everything and can go to the last extent when it comes to our beauty. Especially if it is about our hair. A woman’s hair is the most noticeable part of her beauty. It reflects our personality and represents how much we care for ourselves.

We buy a dozen of hair tonics; our bathrooms are always flooding with different types of conditioners and shampoos. Our dressing table is full of different kinds of hair oils.

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But the one thing we always miss is that the best quality of water is essential for washing our hair.

Have you ever washed your hair with the drinking mineral water? Of course not. You would certainly think that mineral water is just another shape of hard water. So why wash your hair with it.


But wait, mineral water is absolutely not hard water. Though it contains a lot of minerals in it that are also present in the hard water. But the ions that make it hard water like calcium and magnesium are removed from it. So, you can’t say it is hard water, and it’s bad for hair.

As a matter of fact, it has some really good results on your hair. But it has some of its disadvantages also.

Advantages of Mineral Water in Hair washing

Given below are some god results that mineral water can have on your hair:

Stops Hair Fall

The biggest reason for hair fall is hard water. Calcium and magnesium present in hard water weakens the hair follicles and eventually leads them to breakage that results in the falling out of hair.

When you wash your hair with mineral water that is freed from calcium and magnesium, it cleanses your hair, removes any residue of hard water, provides essential minerals to your hair, and thus gives you back the stronger hair follicles and prevents them from falling. You can also use Shower Filters to avoid hair fall.

Makes your hair shinier

Want shinier and silkier hair. Wash your hair just like the routine, and in the end, just rinse them with two bottles of mineral water. You’ll get the shinier hair ever. And how does this happen? Well, the reason behind this is that mineral water contains a sufficient amount of bicarbonate and zinc that are the key to stronger, shinier, and silkier hair.

Zinc present in mineral water promotes the synthesis of proteins like collagen and keratin that brings shine to the hair.

Bicarbonate cleanses your hair, gets rids of any grease present on them, and removes any residue of chemical products and thus making your hair appear softer and shinier. Moreover, it also removes chlorine from your hair that is the biggest cause of the dullness of hair.

Detoxifies the Hair

A number of toxins present in tap water and our shampoos damage our hair to a great extent. They make our hair dull, weaker cause dandruff on pour scalp, and leads to the breakage of hair follicles. Moreover, they also serve as a good habitat for bacteria and viruses that causes infections and skin allergies. Mineral water containing a good amount of salt and other mineral works great as a detoxifier. It washes away the viruses and bacteria and flushes away all the toxins from your hair, thus leaving you with healthier and strengthen hairs.

Cleanses the Hair and Scalp

Mineral water is the best cleanser, not only for your skin but for the hair also. Tap water or soft water can’t do the job in the best way when it comes to getting rid of the dirt and excessive oils in our pores. Mineral water being super in its cleansing properties removes all the dirt and excessive oils in your hair, removing all the grease and giving you shinier, healthier, and cleaner locks.

Helps in the Growth of Hair

Mineral water really helps in the regrowth of water as it contains the nutrient biotin and zinc that helps in the synthesis of keratin and collagen that causes the hair to grow 3 times faster.

There are some Shower Filters in the market that add vitamins in your water your shower with to avoid hair problems and to help in your hair growth.


So mineral water is not at all bad for your hair. As a matter of fact, it can do wonders for your hair and can bring more charm to your hair. Even the most popular hairstylist SAM McKnight has said so that washing the hair with mineral water can treat you dull and brittle hair.  

So, start rinsing your hair with drinking water. It is not like that you would have to pour the whole two buckets of mineral water on your hair. Just wash your hair in the way you regularly do, and then rinse them with only one bottle of mineral water and you’ll have healthier, stronger, and shinier hair.

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