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MBBS colleges in Russia provide the amount of international exposure along with quality education to international medical students. For the students who take competition on a serious note, here is good news for all of them, Russian Universities offer admission in MBBS without any entrance exam.
The medical aspirants only need to qualify the minimum requirements, which are based on their high school board examinations. When we take up the discussion for pursuing cheap MBBS that are meeting Indian standards, the only country that fulfills this criterion is Russia. The cost of living is quite low as compared to other countries, and MBBS university fees in Russia are almost one-fifth as compared to an average Indian medical institute. Easy loans are available on education, good scholarships await anyone who has good academic scores and wants to study in Russia. There are scholarship tests held in universities for the students who want to appear for it. These exams are quite competitive as international students from all over the world push for scholarships in these prestigious and renowned institutions.
Due to the high concentration on medical science-related, the study, Russian mathematical, aerospace, nuclear space, and research institutes have always been regarded as high order worldwide. It is to complement education, teaching level has always been kept at a high standard in the top-rated medical universities in Russia.

Russia is well known for its lower fee cost structure, which is a positive aspect compared to other countries that are providing the same MBBS degree. Applying for MBBS Admission can be done without qualifying an entrance exam. Generally, the Average fee for doing MBBS in Russia lies between 3 Lacs to 6 Lacs per year.
MBBS degree of Russia is being accepted in India as all the Russian Medical Universities are recognized by MCI and WHO, which allows any MBBS graduate from Russia to practice in India after clearing the MCI TestMBBS In Russia, Duration is of 6 years total.
Indian students always concentrate on being taught in English, which makes a slight difference and an expensive option compared to pursuing MBBS in the Russian language. Out of many, only six universities in Russia provide MBBS for a full six years in English. Study MBBS in Russia For Indian Students, the Medical course syllabus in Russia is all about practical knowledge in hospitals with experience in a real-life situation. The top medical universities have the experience of teaching the MBBS course in Russia for more than about 150 years. Studying at medical colleges in Russia for Indian students is a much better option than Indian private med schools where huge donation is required and also lack practical experience and quality of education. Getting a Medical doctor degree from top universities in Russia for MBBS with an English medium course guarantees a great medical career. Doing MBBS in Russia in an English medium program from the best and top medical Russian universities are the best option for Indian medical aspirants. All Russian MBBS Universities are recognized in WHO and MCI. Indian students who get an MBBS degree from Russia medical college can practice anywhere in the world, including Indian hospitals. Students are provided with a fully furnished hostel facility inside or near the university campus. Some of the MBBS universities in Russia provide scholarships to the students also if they fulfill the scholarship criteria. All medical aspirants in Russia get the Best medical Insurance and get full medical treatment from the best hospitals whenever they require. Students get training for the MCI screening test (FMGE) during the whole medical course, and professors teach them according to the syllabus and prepare them for the MCI screening test.
All medical courses are taught in both English and Russian languages. Also, MBBS students can learn the Russian Language, which will benefit them and help students to communicate with patients in the hospital during their medical practice.

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