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I created this ranking using the now well-established approach applied to earlier rankings. There are three steps to it:

I’ll start by saying that I’m a member of Class Central, the top search engine for online courses. We have a database with more than 50K online courses and millions of reviews from the general public. Thus, it seemed to be a logical place to begin.

I began by using the database to narrow down the options for Youtube Marketing courses by considering elements such as ratings, reviews, and course bookmarks. Thus, this step was entirely data-driven and relied on objective indicators to generate a preliminary ranking that we could later refine and improve.

Some of the top options quickly emerged using this method. However, I didn’t end there. Ratings and reviews rarely provide a whole picture, so the next step was to add in my personal understanding of online education.


Second, I evaluated each of the preliminary selections using my experience as an online learner.

In 2018 and 2019, I attended a few live, in-person digital marketing bootcamps. The market has undergone a significant change since that time. TikTok, a recent competitor, has altered how most of us conduct business on these platforms; Instagram is now a video-sharing website, and YouTube introduced YT Shorts to counter TikTok.Since I’ve been keeping up with the latest developments, I can certainly state that even though the courses on this list are far less expensive than traditional workshops, they will still help you produce excellent outcomes.

Thirdly, while not being widely known, some of the courses I found during my investigation felt well-made. If I took a strictly data-centric approach, I would have to exclude those courses from the rankings, if only because they had fewer students enrolled in them.

Instead, I advocated a comprehensive strategy. I’ve added more personal recommendations that, hopefully, surprise those of you searching for something a little new but who have already seen or taken the more well-known social media marketing courses. You can develop your personal brand and clearly see courses that are aimed at a particular area of expertise, similar to YouTube guides.

We arrived at our final ranking after going through this process, which involved combining Class Central data, my experience as a lifelong learner, and a tonne of editing. I’ve already invested more than 12 hours creating this ranking, and I’ll keep doing so in the future.

I made an effort to keep this collection as diversified as I could by include articles for inexperienced beginners, small business owners, and other experts looking to pick up a new skill.

Stats regarding course rankings

Here are some general rankings statistics:

  • Together, they are responsible for 210,000 YouTube views and 79,721 enrollments.
  • Over 140k people have watched the course with the highest popularity rating on YouTube.
  • There are 3 free and 3 fee-based courses.

Let’s now review the top choices.

Academy of DigitalMarketing’s YouTube Star Course

You will have the chance to learn from experts, in this course. By delving into the research, development, and experimenting of developing YouTube advertising, using study cases and practical tools with actionable tutorials on carrying out procedures like YouTube keyword research and editing your videos for high engagement, you will acquire invaluable knowledge.

While they are promoting their business, keep in mind that this course was also developed to provide fantastic content for free.

“I paid for two classes that taught me how to use YouTube advertisements. this video covers a lot more ground than either of the beginner-level courses. I will definitely save this video to my YouTube favourites list for future reference. I appreciate your excellent content. – Learner and dataventurer

What You’ll Discover

Learn how to make YouTube ads that increase watch time and engagement rates, how to build a channel that is “subscribe-worthy,” how to use video marketing to expand your business, how to rank your videos using the best SEO tools, and how to edit your videos for high engagement.

How You’ll Discover

There are 15 video lectures on this list, each lasting 15 minutes on average. Any video can be used as a reference when you are applying the concepts; you can watch it at your own pace. The majority of the videos offer advice and practical tools that can be put to use right away. I advise you to choose the ones that are more pertinent to you and watch a few of them each day.

Course on YouTube Marketing (Hubspot)

Aimed for social media marketers, marketing experts, and content creators, this Hubspot Academy course covers the essentials of YouTube marketing.

A software firm called HubSpot creates applications and integrations for content management, sales, marketing, and customer care. Their official learning center, Hubspot Academy, offers a variety of free courses with certificates in sales and marketing.

Their goal is to change how people and businesses develop in the digital age by offering well-produced training and certification. Learn everything there is to know about business topics, from brief courses to in-depth certificates.

What You’ll Discover

Learn from YouTube influencers and experts how to start a successful YouTube channel, produce shareable videos, use YouTube SEO to your advantage, optimise your videos for higher visibility, increase channel subscribers and video views, and monetize your channel.

  • Increase watch time and your YouTube subscriber count.
  • To improve your chances of being found in searches, optimise your movies by using relevant keywords in the file names, titles, descriptions, and scripts.
  • By producing YouTube video that informs, teaches, or entertains, you may win over your audience.

How You’ll Discover

14 videos and 4 modules make up this course. Study aids, useful activities, four knowledge-testing quizzes, and a vibrant learning community are all included. You can take the final exam to gauge your understanding of the material after finishing all of the classes. If you succeed, you’ll get a certification that you can display on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Agency Hubspot Academy
  • Hubspot Academy is a provider.
  • Teachers Crystal King
  • Level Beginner
  • workdays of 1-2 hours
  • Certificate Available

Fun facts

A range of marketing and sales-related courses are offered by Hubspot. Here are five suggestions to follow this one: utilising social media, 2. Facebook Ads Training: How to Create Engaging Audiences & Ads, 3. LinkedIn Business Marketing, 5. Inbound marketing; 4. Instagram marketing strategy course.

If you’re interested in taking this course, you can learn more about it and discover how to sign up here.

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