Medical Education In Russia for Indian students 2020-21

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Moscow is the capital of Russia. There are over 11 time zones in Russia. The legal currency of Russia is Russian Rouble (currently 1 Russian rouble equals 1.15 Indian Rupee, it can vary also). Due to Low-Cost MBBS in Russia is becoming the most popular destination among all Indian medical students. In Russia, students can easily afford to complete MBBS education at quite reasonable fees. If we talk about the current situation, more than 6,000 Indians medical aspirants are enrolled in different medical universities of the Russian federation.
There are about 54 MCI approved Medical education In Russia for Indian students 2020–21. The student can choose any university he or she wishes to study. From all MCI Recognized universities, some universities teach in both English and Russian languages. In Russia, there is a plus point that you will be offered a degree of MD, which is equivalent to MBBS in India. In Russia, most universities teach the first three years in the English medium while simultaneously they teach the Russian language also so that from fourth-year onward, students can be at least able to study in the Russian language and communicate with the patients in the hospitals. Students have to learn both English and Russian language, which is mandatory for also living there. Students can complete their whole MBBS study in Russia at a very low cost. The total MBBS tuition fees range between $30000 to $50000 for the complete course. Tuition fees of top Russian Universities teaching in English medium charge between $35000 to $60000 range and Russian Colleges teaching in bilingual courses charge between $20000 to $40000. Russia is popularly known for its healthcare and hospitality facilities all across the globe. It has the largest number of medical universities, which is providing education in medicine for the last 150 years. Being the pioneer in medical teachings, most of the Russian medical universities have a high level of standard in teaching. There is no entrance exam in taking admission for MBBS in Russia as well as to study MBBS in Russia. Indian medical candidates must have secured aggregate 50% in three subjects( Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in the 12th board’s exam and must be at least qualified in NEET UG examination, then only they can apply to study MBBS in Russian Colleges. Indian students who are currently pursuing Medicine in Russia come back in the month of July-August in India for summer vacation. If it is the case of emergencies, students can easily get the necessary permission to visit their homes in India.
Doing MBBS in Russia is one of the most accurate choice as well as affordable options available to pursue your dreams of becoming a doctor. It has become the most preferred destination for Indian medical students. The medical study from Russia is considered one of the most facilitating teaching in the world and uses the newest and contemporary study methods and techniques of teaching. Also, after developing good relations between Indian and Russia has always been made, Indian students feel welcome in the country. Thus the residential people in Russia are often very open and helpful to us Indians.

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