How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your House

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One of the worse things that can give you nightmares is the fear of mouse. A single mouse can give you a tough fight. When planning to get rid of mice in your house, you need to consider two options: whether you want to go for an easy way or opt for the difficult one. Let us have a look at some of how you can get rid of mice from your house or call the pest control professionals for expert help:

Block their point of entry

By removing points of entry and easy access, protect you can protect your home from mice. Due to a mouse’s ability to push itself into even the smallest of gaps (one-quarter of an inch and up), this can be hard. A simple rule of thumb is that a mouse will get through it if you can fit a pencil through a crack, hole, or gap.

Seal the base cracks and holes in the walls, like where there are service pipes and vents. Steel wool and caulking here will work well. As sealants, stop using plastic, rubber, wood, or anything else mice can easily gnaw through. Get weather stripping for door and window gaps and ensure that when it’s closed, the sweep on your door produces a seal against the threshold.


Use mouse traps

Mousetraps are the perfect way to help get rid of mice during an active infestation. For light to moderate mouse populations, the classic wooden snap traps can do the trick but bear in mind that most people underestimate mice’s infestations. Laying one dozen traps for only one mouse is not unusual, or what you assume is just one mouse. The laying of several different kinds of traps is also a smart idea. Using bait traps combined with wooden traps, multiple-capture live traps, and glue traps can prove to be a good idea for you. This gives you a great opportunity to capture all the rodents that are giving you a tough fight.

Select the best bait

You can use whatever food the mice have eaten for bait in your house or favorites like chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, oatmeal, dried fruit, or hazelnut spread that are approved by the mouse. Attach the bait to the trigger with the fishing line or dental floss when you’re about to set the baited trap. This will ensure that the mice get what’s coming to them without any hassles. With a hot glue gun, you can also protect the bait. Replace them every two days with fresh bait. You should try using nesting materials, such as cotton balls or feathers, if the food does not work.

Place the mouse traps properly.

Place the traps, with the trigger segment facing the baseboard, perpendicular to the walls. This allows the mouse to run into the bait directly as it scurries along the walls naturally, instead of running from the wrong direction over the trap, triggering it prematurely. Mice may not move more than 10 to 20 feet (i.e., their territory) from food sources and nesting areas, so place traps on baseboards and walls anywhere you see mice to signs of mice, such as mouse droppings or “rubbings.” Adjust the positions of traps every two days or so. Naturally, mice are curious, but they will not escape traps as rats do.

Good sanitation is a must.

With only 3 to 4 grams of food a day, mice will live for a long time, but a few crumbs here and there are all they need to survive in your home. Vacuum the floors and make sure your counters are clean, residues, crumbs, and any connection to food sources are removed. Keep food in jars of glass or containers that are airtight. Don’t forget to cover your garbage. Mice have sharp incisor teeth so that if the mood hits them, they can chew through almost anything, even concrete, so plastic bags are no match for hungry rodents.

Cat vs. mouse

Many cats enjoy killing mice. Some dogs are even going to get in on this fun—the easiest way to capture a mouse without raising a finger, maybe if you have pets. Now might be a good time to stop watching cat videos online and own one in real life if you do not have cats. To manage their mouse population, many farms use farms or barn cats. Of course, like rats, some dogs just can’t be bothered-not surprisingly with the way many people pamper their babies with fur.


If you think that you have tried all of these things and are not able to get rid of mice in your house, then it is the best idea to look for pest control professionals and get their help.

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