Types Of Disposable Take-Out Food Containers

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The food storage container manufacturers have several options for disposable packaging. From foam containers to the foil containers, many food containers are used to take leftovers to home or use while purchasing food in disposable containers. All customers need reliable food containers or packaging to prevent leaks, safe temperatures, and keep take-out sanitary. You can diversify your menu, services, or display shelves to increase your sales and profits just by investing in right take-out food containers. Always select food containers according to your food type. You can also buy these disposable take-out food containers for your daily food storage at home.

Different types of take-out containers:

  • Catering and to-go bowls:

The transparent disposable bowls make all easy to display catered entrees and sides. It also offers patrons portions to take home. These catering bowls have lids that enable spill-free storage and transportation. There are available in different colors and sizes as well.

  • Disposable soup cups and bowls:

The disposable paper soup cups and bowls make it easy to take the flavors hot soups. These disposable containers are ideal for salad and snack bars, where food is hot. Before consumption, lids of these cups and bowls are available for patron’s transportation.

  • Parfait cups:

These types of disposable food containers are also known as yogurt cups. Moreover, also use for shakes and ice-creams. This creates vibrant and eye-catching displays with crystal clear plastic cups when you serve your food in them. These containers are excellent fruit-salad, vegetables, and ice-cream sundaes. There are both flat and dome lids available for different presentations of food.

  • Cup carrier:

The problem of carrying liquids is solved by cup carriers. There are a variety of materials when it comes to take-out cup carrier selection such as pulp board, biodegradable, paperboard, cardboard, etc. Several styles of cup carriers also include a flat tray compartment to carry French fries, nachos, hamburgers, etc.

  • Chinese food take-out boxes:

Package up Chinese orders of fried rice, pepper steak, and lo-mien, etc. in style with these Chinese take-out containers. All are efficient containers ship flat for easy storage. When you love to serve Chinese food, these containers are simple and the best way.

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