How to Get Espresso Machine Service in Sydney

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According to experts, coffee happens to be the second most valuable thing in the world after oil. It has been estimated that people over the world drink around 2 billion cups of coffee each day.

The New York stock exchange had published a report where it was mentioned that in the year 2015, the retail value of the U.S coffee market was $48 billion.

An average American spends each week $21 on coffee. Average coffee drinkers are said to drink at least three cups of coffee each day. Recently a coffee type that has become quite popular is the nitro coffee.

The nitro coffee is the coffee that is poured from the tap and has a taste that feels similar to beer. The foodservice coffee sales alongside the single side category are booming as well.


Although a lot of medical practitioners and researchers are discouraging the increasing consumption of coffee, it won’t be unfair to say that coffee has got some health benefits as well. The beverage is pretty rich in antioxidants. Americans gain way more antioxidants from coffee than any other food or beverage.

Coffee contains certain nutrients in the form of pantothenic acid, riboflavin, potassium, manganese, niacin as well as magnesium. There are some researchers who are of the opinion that the caffeine in coffee can lower the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Health benefits of coffee

Let us go through the health benefits of coffee:

  • Boosts energy levels- Now, the most obvious reason why people drink cups of coffee every day is that they want to feel active. The biggest benefit of coffee is that it makes you active by boosting the energy levels and therefore makes you smart at work. Coffee is the favorite stimulant in the world, thanks to caffeine. When you drink coffee, your bloodstreams absorb the caffeine, and the caffeine further travels to the brain.
  • Helps you in burning fat- Every commercial fat burning supplement has caffeine present in it. Caffeine has properties that can boost your metabolic rate. Obese individuals can be benefitted from coffee as it increases fat burning as much as 10% in the body of obese individuals.
  • Protects you from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease- The most common neurodegenerative disease in the world is Alzheimer’s disease. It is the leading cause of dementia throughout the world. People over the age of 65 are at great risk of this disease. Drinking coffee, along with a good diet and exercise, can prevent this disorder from affecting you.
  • Lowers the risk of developing Parkinson’s- The Parkinson’s disease is caused by the decline of the dopamine-generating neurons in the brain. In the case of Alzheimer’s, there is such a cure known till now. All the focus is on preventive measures. Caffeine is one of the highly beneficial ingredients that could cure this disease.
  • Protects your liver- There are a number of important functions that are operated by your liver. The liver is vulnerable to several conditions, such as fatty liver diseases and hepatitis. There are some reports which are of the opinion that coffee can protect your liver.


The popularity of espresso is more in Europe than in any other continent. While Americans prefer coffee, Europeans and Australians are typically inclined towards espresso. In Sydney, you will find a number of espresso cafes where you can taste the finest espressos of your life. Espresso machine hires Sydney is on-demand as more and more cafes serving espresso are opening in the region.

The origin of espresso comes from Italy. The espresso form of coffee is made up of multiple components that combine to form a bold and not a bitter flavor of the coffee.

More and more people today are initiating the services of espresso machines to hire Sydney to open cafes. Espresso machine hires Sydney serves some of the best espresso machines in Sydney. There is a lot of people who look for these machines.

While you opt for espresso machine hire Sydney, you must know and be specific about your requirements and expectations.

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