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Although all of us are surrounded by numerous electronic gadgets, still very few of us have an actual idea about the way they are manufactured. Processing and manufacturing of electronic gadgets are a complicated concept. It’s not at all possible for any and everyone to know what they are all about. One such essential electronic gadget is the printed circuit board.

The printed circuit board or the PCB is an instrument that provides mechanical support to the electronics or electrical components.

These components are connected electrically by the printed circuit board using the conductive tracks. The components of the PCB are usually soldered onto the board to connect them electrically and fasten them mechanically.

Printed circuit boards are used in all kinds of heavy products. They are also required in electrical products such as the passive switch boxes. This is what electricians and electrical engineers look for, isn’t it?


What better reason do you need to order a PCB board online?

Point to point constructions and wire wraps are some alternatives to PCB. Although their popularity has drastically gone down over the years, thanks to PCBs. The manufacturing and the assembling of the PCB can be automated, a reason for which people are choosing PCB over anything today.

PCBs extend their dynamism to being single-sided, double-sided as well as being multi-layered. You should order the PCB board online with multiple layers as they enhance higher component density.

The universal PCB market in 2014 exceeded around $60.2 billion. It was estimated in 2018 that the Global single-sided PCB market would make a turnover of $79 billion by the year 2024.

The very basic element that the PCB consists of is a flat sheet of the insulating material as well as a layer of copper foil that is coated to the substrate.

This copper is further divided into discrete conducting lines known as circuit traces through the method of chemical etching. There is a coating on the surface of the PCB that safeguards the copper from further corrosion.

Moreover, it drastically reduces the chances of solder shorts between the traces with the help of stray bare wires. This coating is known as the solder mask or solder resist. The primary function of this coating is to reduce the chances of solder shorts in a maximum number of ways.

Uses of PCBs

You might be of the opinion that PCBs are used mainly in computers and consumer electronic products. Printed circuit boards are rather used in many other types of instruments as well. Let us look at some of them:

  1. Medical instruments- People today prefer electronic devices that are far denser and less power consuming than the previous generation components. Being a medical professional, are you searching for medical devices with such traits? Then order PCB board online as most medical devices use a high-density PCB. These high-density PCBs are used to manufacture the densest and the smallest designs possible. From smaller devices like the pacemakers to the larger ones like the X-ray machines as well as the CAT scan instruments, PCBs have found their way into every medical instrument.
  2. Industrial equipment- Industrial equipment uses high voltage industrial machinery. Thick copper PCBs are utilized in places where single ounce copper PCBs do not fit. Motor controllers, industrial load testers use thick copper PCBs.

There is no need for you to rely on the wiring methods. Order PCB board online as soon as possible as the PCBs mass-producing circuits are way faster and cheaper than the wiring methods.

PCBs, a huge number of them, can be manufactured at the same time while the layout needs to be done only once. With all the given reasons and descriptions, we are sure that you would not hesitate to order the PCB board online as it serves a variety of needs.

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