Cleaning Tips for HVAC Air Ducts

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Do you want to clean your HVAC system all by yourself? You are tired of putting in extra effort for cleaning it. You are then in the right place because here we will be discussing some benefits of cleaning and providing you with some tricks to quickly and easily get through this cleaning process.

Pros of cleaning air ducts 

A clean house does not only gives a good impression but also proves to be a healthy one. The dust trapped in the ducts is one of the greatest health hazard posed to you and your family. Despite eradicating, the health hazard linked with dust and other punitive elements a comprehensive clean makes sure of the fact that you and your family are able to enjoy a clean air in your home. Effective cleaning will not only prove to be health benefit for you but also prove to be a worthy step for the health of your air conditioner and the heating system. The more you clean your air ducts the more the chances are that they will last longer. 

In this modern and busy era homeowners are inclined to Do it yourself household projects. It does not only save you money of hiring a contractor but also gives you satisfaction. The only reason you would want to hire a contractor for this task is that you do not have the essential tools that are required for cleaning but with the tips given in this article you will surely overcome it.

Some tips before you start 


Here are a few things that you should keep in your mind before you start cleaning. 

  • Duct vacuuming is a professional job and since you are not a master of it you will need more time than a professional contractor requires. 
  • It is not an easy job so if you are feeling fit and energy levels are up then start off the job otherwise either postpone it or hire a contractor for it. 
  • This job is not for squeamish because you will have to face everything. It might be an uncover mold, animal and insect droppings and even a dead rodent.
  • If you are able to perform this job and complete it by yourself then you must know that you will significantly improve the health of your ducts.
  •  It is also important to keep in mind that there are a few equipment required for getting perfect results. Thus DIY will not achieve results that you will get by hiring a professional contractor for this task. 

Gather DIY Duct Washing tools 

Here is a list of tools that you will require to get the job done. 

  1. gloves, goggles and mask: Go for heavy-duty gloves and googles so that your hands and eyes are safe from dust. Also, try to wear a mask so that your respiratory system is safe from the dust.
  2. Screwdriver: Use a screwdriver that is compatible with the registers and return-air grille plates.
  3. Paper towels or rags: This would help you to clean off some dust that does not come off easily. 
  4. Vacuum Cleaner with lengthy nose: A vacuum cleaner is required to ensure all the dust perfectly gets off from the air ducts. 
  5. A stiff-bristle brush with a long handle: Go for a rotary dryer vent-cleaning brush. This could be either a toilet brush, as it will help you in reaching out the places that are difficult to reach out for cleaning. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Use the screwdriver to remove the return-air grill plates.
  2. Cover the supply register with the rags or the paper towels to prevent it from getting dirty because of the dust. Now lift up the unscrewed register upwards and tuck a towel inside. This will enable you to keep the towel in place. Moreover, it will also prevent the dust from entering the rooms as you go ahead with the cleaning. 
  3. Turn the HVAC system on and keep the thermostat on the “fan on” position. The moving fan will lose the duct while you are cleaning. However, to do this it is important to ensure that the mode is neither on cool nor on heat. If it does not support fan only option then go for the heat option.  
  4. Use the brush to remove the dust in the ducts. Tap them with the brush and you will see how the clumps of dust stuck. 
  5. Perform the above action for every register but one at a time. Try to use the vacuum hose to suck up any dust blown out be the fan. Use a long hose so that you can go as deep as you can. 
  6. Use the brush to clean the air registers one by one 
  7. Wash the duct covers and grill plate before reattaching
  8. Replace the dirty air filters with new ones. You will not be able to reap benefits if the filters are clog with dust. 

Found a mole during cleaning

If you find a mole, then you certainly need to give a call to the professionals. Only professionals could solve this issue effectively.  

Risks involved in DIY cleaning

  • Duct damage 

Since you are not a professional, thus there is a high chance that you might get things damaged. If you are using flex ducts then the chances are even higher. Even if cleaning leaves a small hole in the duct then it will make your HVAC system less effective. 

  • Ineffective Results: 

Air Duct Cleaning Roswell by pro can certainly prove to be a worthy solution in improving your air cleaning, however, since you are not a professional service provider this effort might not be as effective. It is so because you do not have the tools to reach out every nook and cranny that professionals’ can with high-powered vacuums and 150-feet of hose.


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