3 Amazing Learning Apps For Children With Special Needs

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We live in a world that talks about freedom and independence for everyone. However, when we say everyone, we forget the people with special needs and especially those children who struggle with autism and their special needs. Just like the special features of apps created for the physically challenged people, we need mobile features and apps that could help the children with special needs accomplish their tasks and learn new things.

Use of Apps to attract the children with special needs towards learning

Children with special needs are no different than the other children. However, there is a difference in terms of their learning behavior and the way they perceive and absorb all the knowledge you give them. The process of teaching them anything can be quite extensive yet difficult as their minds do not accept and absorb the information quickly.

Many experts tell us that according to many types of research, every child that has special needs has a different type of mindset and capability of processing the received information. However, over time many app development companies in Dallas, New York, and US (to be more specific),  came up with different ways to combine the learning with apps and therefore, now we have so many apps in our app stores that can help the special needs children to learn new things and understand them better!

Apps For Better Learning Of Children With Special Needs

Clicker Docs

It is an app for iPad and helps the children who are trying to develop their writing skills. It can also be very helpful for children with dyslexia and children who are struggling with learning the spellings.


It can help to build up the child’s confidence in writing with the help of writing support tools.

The look of the app and how it acts can be changed according to every child’s needs and capabilities.

Speech Blubs

This is an app for Language therapy of children who might have or not have speech difficulties. It means that the app can also help the children who do not have any special needs but are starting to learn the speech.

The app comprises thousands of activities that are very engaging and interesting that the learning experience becomes a fun activity for the children. It aids in boosting the speech, pronunciation, imitation, and interaction skills of the children.

The main aim of this app is speech and language development for toddlers.

This app is supported by both IOS and Android devices.


It is a full-featured AAC app for people who face difficulties in speaking. AAC means Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

It can be used as a daily communication tool to build up great language skills.

The app is completely customizable according to the child’s needs. It is specially designed for various fine-motor and visual skills.

The high customization of the apps makes it very beneficial for the people who cannot speak and the people with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and other issues relating to the speech of a person

It provides natural text-to-speech features, a library of above 14000 symbols, researched-based vocabulary organizations, word predictions, powerful automatic conjugations, multiuser support.

The app has the ability to customize the vocabularies for different users with wide-ranging abilities, from the beginner symbolic communication to full literateness.

These few apps can be a literal helping for children with special needs. Apps are a great source of simplifying tasks and learning new things. Apps can be a huge blessing for such people who find difficulties in normally performed tasks.

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