3 Latest Jobs in Lahore for Developers with Attractive Salary Package

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Everyone likes to do a job that has an attractive salary and package. If you are passionate about development, then today, I would like to talk about the latest jobs in Lahore that bring excellent pay alongside bonuses. It’s time to explore them one by one.

Mobile App Developer

The digital world is creating countless job opportunities for those who are experts in IT and development. One of the most fantastic job offers in Lahore is available for mobile app developers. You can earn a good amount of money even when you don’t join a freelancer company. However, if you seek financial security and stability, you should join an IT company and software house. How much can you earn with an app developer job in Pakistan? If you are an expert, then get ready to get a salary offer of PKR 80,000 to 150,000.

What are the Requirements for Mobile app developers?

Every company and software house has its requirements. However, the most common requirements are brainstorming and English Skills. You must be creative when it comes to designing user-interface for mobile and tablets.

Roles and Requirements

As a mobile app developer, your main design is to design an application and ensure its quality and responsiveness. A hiring manager is always on the hunt for an app developer who has a mind-blowing portfolio. To get the best developer jobs in Lahore, you must have experience in developing, managing, and maintaining web and mobile applications. Another thing which is must-have for this job is the sound knowledge and expertise in cross-browser capability. High skill level of bootstrap, adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat & Dreamweaver. One thing that you must mention in your CV for getting such the latest jobs in Lahore is that you work independently, and also, you are a team player who is ready to train juniors. This one line in your resume helps you get this good-paying job in Lahore quickly.


PHP developer

One of the most demanding jobs in Lahore is an opportunity for a PHP developer. You can get an entry-level job without any experience, and your salary will start for Rs. 20,000. However, when you have one year of experience in the field, and you worked on multiple projects to showcase on your resume, getting a PHP developer job with Rs.50,000 is only a piece of cake for you.

What are Job Requirements for PHP Developers?

A good candidate has expertise in XHTML, PHP Programming, CSS, MYSQL, and Javascript. Experience in creating stunning websites on WordPress with de-facto standard plugins and best strategies is another must to get the latest jobs in Lahore as a PHP developer. Knowledge and complete understanding of WordPress Network, existing inbuilt functions, plugins, and WordPress coding standards are required. You know how to create logical and reusable theme and template codes. A right candidate is the one who has experience in creating multilingual websites, so the client’s demand for global expansion of the site can be met. A good understanding of cross-browser and cross-platform is also required in most PHP developer jobs in Pakistan.

Software Engineer

It’s among the best IT jobs in Lahore. If you know how to create a user-friendly interface and other aspects of front-end development, it’s a must-have job. As a front-end developer in Pakistan, you need to work in a team. When there are some bugs and issues related to user-interface, custom WordPress content management systems, apps, plugins, etc., you are the one whom everyone will look at for the troubleshooting.

How Much can you Earn as a Software engineer front-end developer? It is a demanding job, and you can expect to get paid with a salary of PKR 70000.

What are Requirements for Front-End software engineer job?
As a developer, your task is to design, develop, and debug responsive web applications. Advanced knowledge and experience of XHTML, CSS3, HTML5, SCSS Bootstrap, Javascript, vue.js framework, and react.js is a must-have a thing to get these latest jobs in Lahore. You will create a fully functional and comfortable navigating front-end design that meets the needs of an end-user and business at the same time. You will add top-quality graphics and visual elements on the client’s website. It’s your job to create amazing mock-ups and design prototypes so a customer can easily pick one that best matches his requirements and preference. You will create a design that is adaptive and responsive to cross-browser and cross-platform. As a website will have images and other multi-media aspects, you have to optimize every asset. You know how to optimize web sites and applications in terms of speed, traffic, and performance. You must have a web-development degree and certification in hand before applying for development’s industry latest jobs in Lahore.

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