Coronavirus-triggered layoffs in the US hit nearly 39 million

The quantity of Americans tossed unemployed since the coronavirus emergency struck two months back has moved to about 39 million, the US government said Thursday. More than 2.4 million individuals applied for joblessness benefits a week ago in the most recent flood of cutbacks from the flare-up that has activated across the country business shutdowns […]

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15 Tips for Working From Home in a Healthy Way

In the near future, many people will not open their work laptop at the office, but at the dining table. The USA remains at home en masse because of the coronavirus and thereby follows the advice of the government and RIVM. But how do you work from home in a healthy way? These are the […]

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Some Myths About Millennial Entrepreneurs

Some Myths About Millennial Entrepreneurs Millennial entrepreneurs have a hard time making a name for themselves and getting themselves recognized by people. Young entrepreneurs have to prove the misconceptions against them wrong by being the best they can. There are a number of myths about millennial entrepreneurs that people assume are true. But most of […]

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Finding Jobs after COVID-19 Crisis

The effect of this life-threatening virus and actions taken by governments are influencing organizations and businesses over the globe. A few, similar to the travel industry, are gazing at one of the most noticeably terrible emergencies of their time. Almost every country and state that experience a long lockdown period will drive many businesses for […]

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Fast Track Your Career by Becoming a Certified Salesforce Professional

Attaining professional certification has become a common practice for employees across all types of industries that, too, for good intent. Certification indicates an employee’s training and expertise to add value to his/ her employers, peers, and clients. Certification isn’t all about passing an exam; in fact, it demonstrates a professional’s motivation and technical know-how on […]

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Don’t Train For PoSH Law via Animated Videos

Live-activity Videos v/s Animated Videos for PoSH Training  In the wake of having this discussion, I chose to place my musings into this blog entry. To disclose why associations need to have hostile to sexual harassment preparing programs dependent on recordings that depict genuine characters.  There are numerous associations that are exclusively founded on giving […]

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4 Different Techniques To Work From Home

Techniques To Work From Home Since we are living in the 21st century, we’ve gone over the period when development wasn’t as enormous as it is today. The chart of development progress has climbed rapidly throughout the last ten to fifteen years. This progress has given an inclined impact to the new work culture – […]

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Hiring an Event Management Company

Event Management The subject of planning an event has become a revolution between all levels of organizations. It not only allows them to mark the corporate image among consumers and partners. But it also enables them to expand their reach into both new and existing customers. The event management process is depends on the nature […]

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