Study Medical Programs In Russia 2020-21

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Russia is known for its highly developed and quality education system globally. There are almost more than 400 reputed universities(includes other than medical), colleges, and higher education institutions that accept international students all across various countries as well. There are more than 60 Medical Universities where students can pursue their further education in the field of medicine. Almost each and the every Medical University of Russia is recognized globally. Over 500,000 foreign students from the last two decades had graduated from these Russian Medical Universities and are currently working in reputed hospitals and a medical institution in their home country. Almost all of the Medical Universities of Russia are 100 years old, and some are even 200-250 years old. This shows that these Russian medical colleges have been serving humankind for quite a long time. Every year these medical universities accept thousands of students from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America countries to study MBBS in Russia. These medical universities are considered to be the most affordable universities for an average class income family group for providing to study low-cost MBBS in Russia. The medical students can easily find a good and reputed medical college in Russia within the range of 3500$-5000$ every year. Most of the Medical Colleges in Russia provide all the courses in both the Russian and English languages of instruction, including all the postgraduate courses. Students can find all the specialized courses which are hard to find in any other country in the Medical Universities of Russia. Students are being provided with the best medical training under the guidance of their highly qualified faculties staff that includes several doctors, scientists, researchers, professors, and candidates of science in the top medical college of Russia. The every Medical University of Russia has its own hospitals, clinics, and research centers that help the students to enhance their practical knowledge along with their theory so as to become a good and successful doctor in the future. Study MBBS Abroad

The study of medicine in Russia is known for its high quality of education. Taking admission in Russian medical colleges is a smooth, systematic, and easy both online and offline system as per candidate convenience. Medicine education in Russia for international students is in a growing trend nowadays, and Russia has become a country hub in the past 25 years for these students to study medicine. The cost of studying medicine in Russia at a top Russian medical college or any of the top MBBS university in Russia out of that big list of Medical colleges in Russia is very less compared to the amount students pay to Indian private and semiprivate medical colleges. The Russian medical university for doing MBBS is now being preferred by more than 5,000 Indian students every year. The duration of MBBS in Russia is 6 years, which excludes 1 year of internship, which must be completed in India for those who wish to practice in India. Medical study In Russia

While selecting a medical university in Russia, especially for doing Bachelor in Medicine and surgery, we should keep in mind.  Medical Education In Russia

● Hence the final year of MBBS has to deal with the internship program. There should be a maximum number of patients who have to be there for having an expert exposure to the students in the practical field. Considering this point, the university which the student will be going to choose has to be located in the urban area or the places nearby.


● The Russian language is not a factor to be met; hence the medium of instruction is English, which is compulsory. But learning with both the languages would be personally beneficial during the last year of the internship because the candidate has to grab some knowledge in their native language and deal with the local patients.

● There will be summer and winter breaks given to the students in a medical college in Russia. Winter break will be held from January, and summer break will be from July to August. It depends on the candidate whether to come back and enjoy here their vacation time, or he can do some internship programs in Russia itself.

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