Is QuickBooks Hard To Learn?

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QuickBooks is a powerful yet user-friendly accounting and financial management software that has now been re-designed to be simple enough to use for everyone, even the non-accountants. In fact, over 50% of individuals we train on a weekly basis have no financial background. Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, has spent millions of dollars developing ways to make this program simple and effective at managing all aspects of running a business.

This is a super big achievement on their part, and frequently you’ll see Intuit advertising praising its ease of use. So why do so many people find this program hard to figure out? Or worst, we’ll get them calling complaining about having “messed up their books” because they thought they knew how to use it.

As I instruct everyone on this, my answer is typically the same; The program is full of strength and capability to deliver accurate information, but only if the user knows step-by-step instructions of data entry and proper implementation of available features. Without following Intuit’s instructions, the program won’t deliver any kind of reliable information.

You can’t improvise or implement your own workaround to enter data here. The only way this program will work optimally is if you follow QuickBook’s directions. 


Now, to answer the question of whether it’s hard to learn QuickBooks. The answer is it’s not if you receive the right training. There are many QuickBooks tutorial platforms: self-instructional books, web-based tutorials, group classes or seminars, and individual training.

We use the individual 1-on-1 approach because, from years of teaching people how to use this software, we found individualized instruction to be the best way for people to understand information and then be able to easily transfer learned skills to their businesses or jobs. 

In fact, studies show that when it comes to the effectiveness of learning, 1-on-1 training is 120% more effective than learning in a group and 175% more effective than web-based learning. In the last five years, we have developed our classes to be industry-specific, so time spent learning is focused on your specific business or job needs.

Not having to waste time learning what you don’t need allows for better retention of information. And a lack of retention of information is a big complaint I hear when we get people coming to us after having taken other types of classes. This focused attention to your questions and learning requirements is the real reason why we have successfully trained so many people on QuickBooks.

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