Inexpensive and Easily Manageable Dogs for Dog lovers

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We cannot run from the fact that having dogs as a pet is expensive because of many factors. From buying or adopting the pet to taking care of it’s grooming, food, and taking care of stuff is very costly. But it does not mean that people with a low budget are unable to have a dog as a best friend in their home and lives. Yes, I am serious. There are inexpensive dog breeds that are easy to pet and take care of in a low budget. Are you excited to know about the inexpensive dog breeds? Then let’s have to look at them without wasting much time.


You may don’t know about this breed because it is very new. Puggle is an outcome of crossing between the cute beagle and the pug. The best part of puggles is that their hairs are short in size and don’t shed a lot. Puggles are small in size, which makes them reasonable even for small places like apartments, etc. As puggles are small in size, petting them is cheaper. They don’t require much food like big dogs, and their stuff is also available at cheap rates. It is not the end, their grooming costs are half then the big dogs.

American hairless terrier:


It is clear from the name that the dog is not hairy, and short hairs need less grooming, which means less money. American hairless terrier is also suitable for people that are allergic to dogs but still want to keep a dog.No allergy means no medicine. Similar to the above one, these dogs are small in size; thus do not require much food. They save you money in many ways, but they get cold easily, so you may need to buy sweaters for him.

Chinese Crested Hairless:

If you are looking for a playful friend that can be handled and take cared of within the budget, then Chinese Crested Hairless is on the top. These dogs love to play with their owners and are very loving towards them. They don’t have much hair, but that does mean that they are hairless. The short hairs of these dogs can easily be managed at home by giving them a bath. They are of the medium size and cost you less. These dogs are also good to go with you on a trip. So, if you are a travel person, then it is best for you.


Similar to other small dogs, it is very easy to manage Chihuahua food as it eats less. But maintenance of this dog is a little more difficult than other dogs. These dogs also have short hairs and do not require much grooming. Giving a bath and brushing can reduce the need for paying for your dog’s training. These dogs are prone to some disease, which may require frequent vet visits and disturb your budget. But they get cured after vet visits. After all these points, these dogs still come in the list of cheap dogs.


Foxhound is a little large in size as compared to other dogs. But that does not mean that they eat a lot, their eating habits are very budget-friendly. Foxhound dogs are known for their amazing health condition and not disturbing behavior that will save your money from wasting on vets and grooming as well. Foxhound is easily manageable at home. These dogs are very calm but stubborn at times. So if you are planning to buy Foxhound breed for your self, first get yourself prepared for a stubborn baby and your yard fenced.

Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier is small in size, and they won’t grow with time. Their size will remain the same throughout. They eat a minimum amount of food according to their size and saves a lot of your money. They are like little babies that need to chew toys, attention, and other stuff to play around. So buying them stuff may cost you some money. The grooming and cleaning are very simple and can easily be done at home because of fewer hairs and size. Not only because of budgets, but these dogs are also good because they are very loving and peaceful.


Beagle dog breed is the most suitable breed when we talk about inexpensive dogs. They have short hair that makes grooming easy. Beagle requires proper beagle food to stay healthy. They don’t eat much and saves you money, but they require a walk and outing on a daily basis. Beagle is very active and energetic. They use their energy by playing with toys. Although as beagles are hunting dogs, you can not keep them in the yard without a fence.Getting a fence may disturb your budget for once. But no one will lose the chance to have a friendly companion like him on the cost of a fence.

Australian Terrier:

If you want puppies that are budget-friendly and stay small throughout life, then go for the Australian Terrier. They are small in size, so they eat less and saves your money like the above dogs. Although the hair coat of the Australian Terrier needs professional grooming at the start? But after some time, you can easily manage the cleaning and grooming of the Australian Terrier at home without spending much money. Australian Terrier is very active and energetic like a beagle dog breed and loves to go on walks. The immune system of the Australian Terrier is very strong. They won’t cost your extra on vet trips.

Final words:

Are you a dog lover? But don’t have one because you think you can’t afford one. Its time to end this misconception that you need a high budget for dogs. There is no need to go for high budget dogs and disturb your monthly budget. It time to enjoy the company of a friendly dog in your budget. Above mentioned dogs can easily be managed in a low budget. The above dogs have some other pros and cons over other dogs. You can choose one for yourself after looking at all the aspects.

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