How to Export OLM Folder in Mac Mail?

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Are you moving from Outlook Mac to Mac Mail? Wanting a solution to export the OLM folder in Mac Mail? If yes, then no need to go anywhere! Just go through the entire section because here, you will come across a secure methodology that will help you export the OLM folder in Mac Mail without data loss. Let’s start by using a common query that most Mac users face when moving from Outlook for Mac to the Apple Mail environment.

Common Query:

I have recently moved to Mac Mail due to my official requirements. The problem is I have many OLM files on the system that I have exported from the Outlook Mac email client. The data is very confidential, so I urgently need to import them into my Apple Mail account. And I also need to make sure to use a safe and reliable application. It would be great if someone could suggest a method to export the OLM folder in Mac Mail quickly and accurately. But, I need to get a specific solution for the same.

Outlook for Mac is a widely used email client that many Mac users use to manage the sending/receiving of emails. The email application is known for organizing a large amount of database. And it provides the facility with the help of users to extract the necessary data from the account. Thus, it will be saved in the .olm extension. Apple Mail, on the other hand, is a default email client of Mac that most organizations and individuals use for executing daily emails.


Sometimes, users must move from one email platform to another for many purposes. This will make them stuck in situations where they need help accessing the data of old email clients in new email applications. Because each email program has a specific file format, if a user tries to open emails of one email application to another, it will lead to a problem. E.g. in this case, Outlook for Mac saves users’ databases in OLM, whereas Apple Mail supports the MBOX file extension to store the list of users’ emails. Therefore, one needs to convert OLM to MBOX to access OLM data in Apple Mail.

How to Export OLM Folder in Apple Mail on Mac?

MacMaster OLM to MBOX Tool for Mac is a perfect utility for exporting multiple OLM files to Apple Mail-supported MBOX format on Mac at once. The application has a friendly and intuitive interface that technical and non-technical users can use to export OLM folders in Apple Mail on Mac. The software has three simple step procedures that will save users’ time and help them export unlimited OLM files to Apple Mail with 100% accuracy in minimum time.

Moreover, the utility has several features that one can apply per requirements to get the desired output. However, the freeware version is available that helps users experience the entire conversion process for free.

Working Steps to Export OLM Folder in Apple Mail

Step 1. Download and run OLM to MBOX Converter on macOS.

Step 2. Add the OLM files/folders on the software with the help of Add File(s)/Add Folders buttons and click Next.

Step 3. The OLM mailboxes will appear on the software as the list. Each will be displayed with a checkbox to select/deselect as per requirements to export selective OLM folders in Apple Mail. When done, click Next.

Step 4. Choose MBOX from the menu of Select Saving Options.

Step 5. Set the MBOX sub-options per your requirements and start the process by clicking Export.

Step 6. The process of OLM to Apple Mail is now live, and the tool will show the ongoing export status on the Live Conversion window.

The whole procedure will be ended within seconds, and the confirmation will be shown to users through the “Conversion Completed” message. Click OK and go to the MBOX file location. Now, import the resultant MBOX files into the required Mac Mail account.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Import OLM to Mac Mail

Step 1. Open an Apple Mail account on macOS.

Step 2. Go to File and choose the Import Mailboxes… option.

Step 3. Select the option of “Files in .mbox format” and click Continue.

Step 4. Navigate to the MBOX file location. Click on the resultant MBOX file and hit Choose.

Step 5. The import procedure is now live, and it will take a few seconds to import all MBOX files into the Mac Mail account.

Step 6. The process will successfully finish, and a message will be prompted on the screen. Click Done.

Step 7. The resultant MBOX emails will display in the Import folder after the import process terminates. The folder will be shown with the same name.

Step 8. Double-click the folder, and the emails will immediately list on the Apple Mail account.

You will see that each email is accurate and that the formatting properties also appear without alteration.


The blog post discussed an effective technique to export the OLM folder in Mac Mail. The MacMaster OLM Converter for Mac is a powerful and cost-effective utility that securely export OLM folder to Mac Mail account without data loss. It allows exporting the first 25 emails and attachments from OLM free of cost. The software is accessible by any user without the support of third-party experts. However, the free demo is a plus point because, with the help of the same, one can experience the migration process for free.

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