Achieve a good score in the writing

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How to achieve a good score in the Writing Section?

The PTE writing section consists of writing a summary and an essay. You will require strong grammar skills and a good vocabulary to get a good score in this section. Some of the aspirants struggle to get a good score in this section. There are 7 important points you need to keep in mind while doing PTE practice for the writing section. If you follow all the 7 points, then you will definitely get a good score in this section.


  1. Content should be relevant

When you write a summary or essay, you should make sure that your content is relevant to the topic. Your response should not be in capital letters. So make sure your caps lock is off. The first letter of the sentence should be capital, and the sentence should end with a full stop. Even if you do not know anything about the topic, you should write something because there are chances you will at least get a few points. This is definitely better than a straight zero.

Support the details you write with examples and scenarios. Try to be descriptive and cover all the important ideas. Make use of impactful opening and closing statements and write a strong conclusion. This will get you more points.

  1. Word count

This is also very important. You should make sure that the response you write is within the word limit. Anything that is way too below or way too above the word limit will not be reviewed, and you will get a straight zero. For an essay of 200 – 300 words, if you write below 120 words or above 380 words, then you will get 0 points, and your response will be discarded. You will manage to get 2 points only if you stay between 200 – 300 words. If you go a little below or above this word count, then you will get 1 point. So during your PTE practice, you should keep the word limit in mind.


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  1. Structure and flow of your response

You should write your response in a proper structure. You should follow a logical structure during PTE practice to get a good score on this section. There should be a proper link between elements of your paragraphs and a smooth transition between paragraphs. You will get a maximum of 2 points for maintaining a proper flow, structure, and link.

For writing an essay, your first paragraph should be the introduction. The next two paragraphs should cover two main ideas, and the last paragraph should be the conclusion. In the introduction paragraph, you introduce the topic. In the next two paragraphs, you share your views. Support them with proper examples. If you follow this structure, then you will manage to get a good score in the essay.

For summary writing, you should use the paraphrasing technique. Paraphrasing is using different words to convey the same idea. You should only include the main points and not irrelevant ideas.

  1. Grammar

You should improve your grammar. Include grammar exercises in your PTE practiceso you improve your grammar usage. Your response should have correct grammar usage. If there are too many grammatical mistakes, it gets difficult to understand the main idea behind it. In such a case, you will lose points. SO make sure you avoid grammatical mistakes.

After you write your response, you should make a habit of proofreading what you have written. This will help you to avoid mistakes. If you follow a simple structure with a lot of mistakes, then you will get a straight zero. So avoid doing this. You will get a maximum of 2 points for writing your response without grammar mistakes. Minor mistakes will be avoided in such a case.

  1. General Linguistics

You should make use of consistent language to convey your thoughts and ideas. If your response does not sound vague and you are able to express your ideas clearly, then you will manage to get 2 points. If you lack precision, then you will end up getting zero points for general linguistics. So keep this in mind during PTE practice. 

  1. Vocabulary

You will require to build a strong vocabulary base. While writing your response, make sure that you use correct words. Your response should show a good command over vocabulary. Include vocabulary exercises as a part of PTE practice to improve your vocabulary base. You can easily find vocabulary exercises on the internet. If you come across a new word, you should look it up and try to use it in daily life. That will help you to keep the word in memory.

  1. Spelling

You should avoid making spelling errors. So after you write your response, you should spend some time to proofread what you have written. This will help you to correct any spelling mistakes or typing errors. If there are too many typing errors and spelling mistakes, then you will get 0 points for spelling. So always proofread your response.

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