PTE writing Top 5 Best way to score

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PTE writing Top 5 Best way to score in Summarize written text.

“Summarize written text” can be a bit of a challenging task in the PTE writing section. In this task, you will get a passage of around 200 -300 words. You have to summarize it in your own words. It is tricky to put a lot of information in just a sentence that has correct grammar and organization of words.

Your score will depend on content, grammar, and vocabulary. You need to keep your summary in between 5 – 75 words. So during your PTE practice, you should try to write a summary within this word limit. Anything below or above that word count will make you lose points.

We have put together 5 best tips for you to get a good score in Summarize written text task.

  1. Identify the important points

While reading the passage, you need to understand the overall idea of it and make a note of all the important points. Most of the aspirants fail to identify them. You should do enough PTE practice to learn to identify them. Pay attention to the repeating words as they are likely to be the keywords. You do not need to cover everything in your summary, so ignore all the irrelevant information. This task tests your ability to pick up the main idea and summarize it. This will help you to boost your score in this task.

  1. Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes that many aspirants make is writing complex sentences. They think that complex sentences will help to increase their score. But this is not true. The summary should be simple and to the point. When you write long sentences, then there are chances of error. You should also avoid too many punctuations. It overloads your sentence and makes it complicated, so make use of transition words and linkers. Try to write the summary in a simple way during your PTE practice.

  1. Paraphrase using the FANBOYS connectors 

Many aspirants make the mistake of copying the lines from the passage. Paraphrasing is a technique in which you use different words to convey the same meaning. You get a good score when you make use of your own words. Try to use synonyms of the words you see in the text.

The use of conjunctions is a good way to join sentences and avoid the use of punctuations. The FANBOYS is an acronym to remember the conjunctions. These are:

F – For, A – And, N – Nor, B – But, O- Or, Y – Yet, S – So

During your PTE practice, try to write sentences using these connectors so that you understand how to make use of them.

  1. Proofread after you complete

You should make a habit of proofreading what you have written because while writing, you do not realize that you have made a mistake. When you read it, then it sounds off, or you notice the error. This helps you to correct spelling errors or grammar mistakes. Check the punctuation you have used. Include PTE mock tests in your PTE practice and try to follow this tip while solving them.

  1. Manage your time efficiently

Managing your time is very important because if you tackle the task in the given time limit, then you can manage to get a good score. You should spend 3 minutes to plan the structure of your response. This includes reading the passage, understanding the idea, and identifying the main points. Write your response in 5 – 6 minutes, so you have some time on your hand to proofread what you have written. Use that to check if you have made any mistakes and rectify them. Try to manage your time in this way during PTE practice.

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