Latest technologies by Apple for iOS development

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With an objective to create exceptional and engaging apps, Apple has unveiled new tools and technologies that are entirely going to enhance the quality of the Apple apps. The company claims that these new features are going to be highly instrumental in not just creating a proficient and productive app but also an exciting platform that provides excellent experiences to the users every time.

All the new features and technologies are directed towards making the Apple apps powerful than ever before. Some of the latest technologies that have been introduced by Apple for iOS app development are :

  • Swift UI – the new UI framework that functions on all apple platforms such as iOS, iPad OS, watch OS, and those Swift UI, is apples intuitive and powerful language. With the use of restricted codes, the swift UI has been a significant step towards developing great-looking apps with user interface development. With the help of concurrency in Swift, developers get a platform where they can create fast, safe and modern codes with fewer mistakes and make the most of the robust multicore silicon across apple devices. Some of the many benefits of Swift UI are better search experiences, improving list views, multi column tables, in-app accessibility features, and much more.
  • XCode 11 – a new continuous integration and delivery cloud service specifically designed for the apple users, XCode 11 is an excellent platform that allows the developer to efficiently develop high-quality apps without the restrictions of size, structure, etc. This app enables your app to feature on multiple platforms. The XCode 11 comes with excellent new preview tools that allow you to manually type Swift codes pr modify the existing ones with rich design tools, maintaining the right balance between the code and design. Some of the many benefits of XCode 11 are inline diff to spot changes in each line of code, faster iOS stimulations, a rich documentation, XCode debugger, etc.
  • Mac Catalyst – a new technology that enables the developers to bring iPad apps to mac; the mac catalyst is a fantastic way to not just get new audiences but also provide the existing users with a completely new environment of Mac. For this feature, the developer simply needs to check a box to add windowing features and fundamental Mac. The mac catalyst includes system preferences, file management, window management, keyboard, mouse, track board, rich text interaction, touch bar input, etc. When creating a mac version of an iPad App, Mac catalyst provides automatic support for fundamental Mac features. Other than the many benefits, some of the other advantages of mac catalyst are UI elements like activity view, file browser, split view, contextual actions, browser form sheet, etc.
  • ARKit3 and reality kit – one of the latest Apple technologies for apple iOS mobile app development is augmented reality. A mobile AR platform with an exceptional level of session-based API with powerful features, Apple’s augmented reality tool (ARKit3), with the right blend of iOS device camera and motion features, provides enhanced and better-augmented reality features to games /apps. With the great use of animations, physics, effects, and spatial audio on AR objects, reality Kit frame works take the AR user experience to another level with photo-realistic rendering. Some of the essential features of these tools are HDR quality environment textures, AR coaching UI, track multiple faces, people occlusions, automated detection of image size, etc.
  • Core ML 3 and Create ML – a machine learning framework that enables developers to integrate powerful Real-time machine learning capabilities into their apps such as vision and natural language, the core ML is an effective platform that provides support for both inference and training directly on the device. The foundation of on-device training architecture is formed on the foundation of balanced use of static feature extractors, global and updatable blocks at the top of models for personalization’s. Some of the many advantages of core ML 3 are that it supports various new models, several operations like tensor manipulation, masking, control flow, Boolean logic, etc., which are of utmost importance for the development of an iPhone application. The core ML feature comes with models like linked models proto, nearest neighbors. proto, item similarity recommender. proto, etc. it is also in sync with some of the best and state-of-the-art models such as deeplavV3, Elmo, Squeeziest, YOLOv3, etc.
  • Improvement in Siri – with the help of a neutral TTS system, Apple Siri now comes with a more natural voice, which provides an exceptional user experience. Advancements in Siri also come with new, improved features where shortcut options are available in the shortcut apps and come pre-installed with the iOS13. Some  of the many benefits of the various advancement made in Siri are enhanced guidance in maps, creating reminders, differentiating among the two things that need to be added in separate lines, Indian English voice for better understanding, easy access to radio stations, “Hey Siri” support to vehicles, etc. these new features incorporated in Siri are by all means a lifesaver for the Siri users.
  • Improved security and sign-in – security and the sign-in process are the essential parts of a device. With new developments and advancements, Apple has come up with exciting and reliable security and sign-in features. With several features such as “do not share,” “share when using the app,” etc. to several other options such as activating location, blocking and enabling wi-fi and Bluetooth connections, turning off the location in photos, etc., apple has definitely brought many wonders on this segment in their devices. With a single apple id IOS, users can now log in to several apps and services with a single tap. It brings to the user the best in privacy without leaking any personal or sensitive information.
  • Apple Home Kit – the Apple Home Kit device enables the users to set up and control all the home accessories from all the apple devices. In other words, this feature can be rightly defined as the intelligent home device controlling system. It will not be wrong to say that this feature plays a crucial role in making the life of the users easy and efficient. From managing the lights and the lacks to maintaining the temperature and adjusting the music volumes and preferences, the apple Home Kit enables a person to perform several functions sitting in just one place.  What further makes it exceptional is its various security features. What to record, what to omit, and to detect and to record people, animals, etc., the advancements in this entire kit have taken everyday luxuries of human life to another level.
  • Apple pay – a cashless and cardless transaction service exclusively for iOS users; the primary purpose of Apple pay is to provide its users with easy payment options. It will not be wrong to say that this particular feature has gained tremendous popularity as one of the most prominent mobile payment providers. It is the best as it not just supports some of the major cards and other mediums but also as it is one of the safest and most reliable forms of money transactions.
  • Apple watches – the apple watch is one of the best accessories as it is not just a status symbol but also for the many fantastic features that it has to offer. The apple watch runs on the WatchOS 6, which comes with many compelling features such as weather predictions, voice memes, cycle tracking, calculator, unlocking the phone, etc. what further makes them the best is the fact that they can effectively work independently without any dependency on the apple phones.

For a mobile app to be effective and successful, it is crucial that it is well equipped with all the right features. The Apple iOS mobile app development is extraordinary in several aspects such as speed, atmosphere, design, high quality, sector, etc., which makes it an excellent platform for user experience.  With endless features and benefits for the users, Apple has secured an aced place for itself as a dynamic brand.

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