15 Handmade Business Ideas with Little Budget

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Most people that are looking to make extra cash from their craft and handiwork always halt when they realize that just like any other business, they need capital to start, and the only difference is how big or how small. Craftworks and handmade businesses can be a good source of income, and it is even more lucrative because there is quite a good number that does not require a huge budget to start. One does not need to break a bank or even take a huge loan to be able to get it started. A little money and knowledge of the craft will set you on the right track to start your handmade business. What a lot of people would like to know would be; which handmade business can you do with a little budget and here are some of them;

  1. Furniture transformation

In recent times home décor has become an interesting trend. You can learn how to do a lot of these home décor on the internet. They are fairly easy to learn, and over time, with a lot of practice, you can master the craft properly. The antique/vintage style has become very popular, and the needed materials are affordable and can be purchased at the local stores or online. A lot of people would need a total makeover of their furniture, and there are not a lot of people that possess the craftsmanship to do this, and if you provide such service that requires little startup capital, it is a win for you.  

  1. Making Greeting and Seasonal Cards

Making your homemade cards is a good handmade business that demands little startup budget. A very creatively talented person that knows their way around the color palette can design greeting cards with papers that can be purchased at any store with poster colors. There are endless designs that you can pull off that will have a lot of people buying from you. You only need to be good at what you do to make it. You can sell your work online on a platform such as Shopify.

  1. Jewelry production

Making jewelry is not only limited to precious stones or metals such as gold and silver. Good jewelry can be fashioned from beads, corals, seashells, and tight threads and ropes. These jewelry are highly sought after by a lot of people that appreciate the originality and beauty of the design even better is that it is affordable for them and cost the jewelry maker little or nothing in production. 

  1. Designing apparels

You can print designs on clothes like t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans or other such apparel. You can go the extra mile by customizing apparel for particular people that has a personal effect on them. You do not need much budget to start this business, and you can make quite some profit. 

  1. Making scented candles

A lot of people purchase candles, especially the scented ones online. It mostly used for aesthetic purposes. The materials required in the making of scented candles are cheap and can be purchased online or any good local store around. 

  1. Soap making

With a few organic and normal ingredients, you can make nice soaps. It is even better when you add some good scent. You can make them in a lot of different shapes and sizes to attract people since the rectangular bars are now so mundane. 

  1. Abstract glass painting

Glass paintings are so sought after because not a lot of people are into glass painting. You can make designs and sell them easily. 

  1. Knitting

You learned knitting while you were a kid? Good, you can make some money from it now with the same materials you used but maybe just a larger quantity. You can knit gloves, caps, sweaters, and even small purses. Whatever you can knit is bound to be purchased. 

  1. Studio photography

Bring out your old camera or purchase an affordable model that still gives you good quality images. You can use any space in your home or yard to edit and frame the pictures so they can be sold. You can take photos of anything, and if they are good, they will be bought. 

  1. Home baking

Baking is another lucrative business that you can do with little budget. The options are endless as far as it can be made it flour. Baking cookies, cakes, pies, and a lot of other products are good handmade businesses one should consider. 

  1. Making bobbleheads

Bobbleheads will never stop being a regular market venture. It is always in demand, and you can sell it online. An example of a site that you can see some bobblehead ideas and learn the most about this business is www.modernbobblehead.com

  1. Make-up

Becoming a make-up artist is one of the most lucrative handmade skills there is right now. A lot of people want to look better and are willing to pay for it. 

  1. Grass cutting

Most people would rather pay to have their lawns mowed than do it by themselves. If you can throw in a beautiful lawn mowing design that will make you even more preferred to the next guy.

  1. Making candy bouquets 

You can make your candy right in your home or yard. The trick is in the proper packaging. 

  1. Homemade condiment and spices

The edge you have over other large scale producers of condiments is that your product will be more organic and has undergone little processing. Make your flavor and spices that you can sell easily. You can get creative and mix things up. 

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